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24th January 2005.
E-mail from Fiona Wiggins - "I was so excited to find your website today. I have only just begun researching my family history, after my son was born last year. He is still a baby so Iím just using internet resources at present. Some branches of the family I can trace to the 1500s but nothing on the Burgham branch. Here is what I know nowÖÖÖ..
My Motherís mother was Dorothy Burgham, born in Bradford. (I believe d.o.b. 23.02.1916). She died in July 1997 in Stevenage. She had two brothers, Ernest and Harold. Her father was Amos Burgham believed to be born in Bradford in 1882, but I can find no trace of him. Apparently he was in the regular army, Yorkshire Fusiliers. So far I havenít found this regiment. I did find an Ernest Burgham aged 22 in 1901, born in New Wortley, Yorkshire who was a Private in the York and Lancaster Regiment. Its possible he was known as Ernest rather than Amos? Amos married Ada Wrightson, born in Harrogate. I donít know what year. Amosís fatherís name I donít have. His mother was Louisa. His father ,?Burgham, disappeared and was pronounced dead after 7 years. Louisa remarried a Randolf Hurst. I canít find him either. All I have managed to find is the marriage of a Louisa Jowett to a James Burgham in Pontefract Mar 1877 9c156. They had a daughter born in 1878 called Annie. That would be about the right time for a son, Amos, to be born in 1882? The only other interesting fact was a James Burgham on a passenger list to New York between 1851 and 1891. Maybe that was Amosís father who disappeared. I hope I might hear back from you soon."

11th January 2005.
E-mail from Jon Gould - "Last year you very kindly gave me some information about the marriage of the widow Ann Burgum to a William Webb, in December 1864 at St Thomas` Dudley. Do you by any chance know either of their ages at the time of marriage? Thanks for any details you can give me. I also seem to remember offering to send you a copy of Webb`s 1869 will in return, but it has been so long since, that I have forgotten whether I ever sent you the copy. Let me know if I did - and if I didn`t, please let me have your address."

10th January 2005.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) - "Certificate Number: 8005730
Bride Town/State: RUMFORD, ME
Groom Town/State: RUMFORD, ME
Date of Marriage: Saturday July 19, 1980"

12th December 2004.
E-mail from Wilson Vieira Ferreira Lopes, S„o Paulo, Brazil (AA Family Tree) My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Burgum, was born in Bristol, on 29 February 1856. Her parents were Henry and Hanna Burgum. She married my great-grandfather, Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira, an engineer, and a historic abolitionist and republican, in Brazil on 24 September 1882. He had a degree in engineering from ĎEscola Politťcnica do Rio de Janeiroí and was a second lieutenant engineer in the Brazilian Army. He also received a doctorís degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Emperor D. Pedro II. From that union, my grandfather Dr. Israel Vieira Ferreira was born on 04 September 1883, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He was the coupleís only child, and he, too, got a degree in Engineering and was a lieutenant colonel in the Brazilian Army. I learned from my grandfatherís notes that Henry Burgum, my great-great-grandfather was hired by the Brazilian Imperial Government to help with the construction of battleships at the Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal, a shipyard which belonged to the Brazilian Navy. Apparently some of his sons were also hired as engineers or technicians to do the same job. Itís worth noting that at the time there were no specialists in modern shipbuilding (battleships and steamboats), therefore the need for foreign technicians, British and from other countries, to work at the aforementioned Navy Arsenal. The book ďA Histůria do Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de JaneiroĒ (The History of the Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal), published by the Brazilian Navy Records Service, reports that Henry Burgum (probably my great-great-grandfather) was an engineering officer - sort of a steam engine specialist. I actually have the book. It is an old book, but if I can get another issue Iíll send it to you. Back to the family, apparently one of my great-great- grandfatherís sons was also named Henry Burgum, and probably went back to England. These facts might help with the conclusion of the article "Henry and the Warrior". Itíd be nice to check, if possible, whether more than one branch of the Burgum family actually came to Brazil. My great-great-grandfather, Henry Burgum, arrived in Brazil around 1860 (more precisely between 1862 and 1863). Considering my great-grandmother was born in 1856, she was a little girl - 6 or 7 years old - when she got here (at least thatís my guess). From my grandfatherís records, I learned that Henry and Hanna Burgum died in Rio de Janeiro, which means they didnít return to England Ė at least not for good. Could they have gone back there for a visit? I really canít determine that, but I guess itís highly unlikely. One thing is for sure, the Burgum family has remained in Rio de Janeiro. I could find two dentists and an advertiser in the phone book and on Internet. I havenít met them yet, but I intend to get in touch with that family branch, so I can get to know more about them. My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Burgum took up her husbandís name Ė Elizabeth Burgum Ferreira Ė and was also known as Isabel Vieira Ferreira, and got recognition as a teacher - thereís a school named Professora Isabel Vieira Ferreira in the city of S„o Paulo, and a street with her name in Rio de Janeiro. My grandfather tells us she was a kind, warm-hearted person and a dedicated mother, being highly respected by those who knew her.
A few additional notes: 1) For your information, the Ferreiras are of Portuguese origin, and played an important role in the Portuguese War of Independence, circa 1100. That granted them a title of nobility awarded by the Portuguese crown.
2) Later, someone in the family married a descendent of the Drummond family (Scottish nobles from the side of Queen Annabela, married to King Robert III of Scotland, and mother of King James I of Scotland)
3) From that Scottish family stemmed the Stuart dynasty in England. Of course this is something you must know much better than I do, so I apologise for any historical inaccuracy.
4) Finally, I am an avid reader of aviation and defence magazines and books. I actually have more than 1,000 titles, mostly Brazilian, but also some international ones. My main interest is the World War II. I hope this information is somehow useful to you.
Regards - Wilson

19th May 2004.
E-mail from Pam Sheers (HH Family Tree) - "I have purchased Emma Burgum (nee Lee) 2nd marriage certificate from GRO. She married on April 28 1903 to Thomas Wearden who was age 35 years and a bachelor. She is listed as 40 years. His occupation is listed as Overlooker of Cotton Weavers. We had always presumed that her second husband was William Wearden. He is in fact the father of Thomas. I think she must have lied about her age as according to her first marriage in 1879 to William Burgum she was 22 as well as the 1901 census having her the age of 44. This makes her being born circa 1857. "

18th April 2004.
E-mail from Joy Gannell - "This is just a reminder to change my email address in your address book to [email protected] as I am closing off AOL. Isn't our annual fees due for BFHS?"

14th April 2004.
E-mail from Bev Jenkins - "I am researching the vessel and crew as I am the Great Niece of one of the lost crewman, could you please put up my e-mail address on the site, and ask for any info on your chap and the rest of the crew." This information relates to Alfred Edward Septimus Burgham, Stoker, Lt/KX 532059, HM Trawler Cap D'Antifer, Royal Naval Patrol Service, who died on Sunday 13th February 1944. Age 19. He was the son of Alfred and Frances Burgham, of Abertillery, Monmouthshire. Commemorated at the Lowestoft Naval Memorial (Panel 15, column 3), Suffolk, England. If you have any information please e-mail [email protected]

6th April 2004.
E-mail from Joyce and Chris Caithness - "Any idea about this one? I expect you have sussed him out." (Information on John Burgum, the artist).

6th April 2004.
E-mail from Jon Gould - "Doug, I have the will from around 1870 of one William Webb the Elder, a yeoman farmer from the village of Pensnett in Staffordshire, UK. In it he leaves property to his second wife, Mrs Ann Burgham. Can you tell me how I can cross check your indexes to see if a Webb marriage occurs please, or perhaps for any occurrences of an Ann Burgham being widowed originally? Thanks for any pointers you can give me."
My reply - "Jon, Ann Burgum married William Webb at Thomas Dudley, Worcs, 13th December 1864. She was previously married to John Burgum of Bilston, near Birmingham. Her maiden name was Woodall. She is part of the "WW" family tree. (Different sections of my family tree are referenced AA, BB, etc).
Jon's reply to me "Doug, this is pure gold-dust thanks! It is rare that an enquiry hits the target first time.

09th November 2003.
E-mail from CPO(SCC) Beverley Jenkins - "I am researching the ship HM Trawler Cap D'Antifer, as my great uncle Richard Smith aged 19, the same age as your family member, lost his life on board the vessel on 13 of feb 1944, as it is 60 years next year, in my own way wish to remember all that served died or survived, if you have any more on who Alfred served with, please get in touch." (SCC=Sea Cadet Corps). Alfred Edward Septimus Burgham, a stoker, died aboard the HM Trawler Cap D'Antifer, Royal Naval Patrol Service, in 1944.

08th November 2003.
E-mail from Lucy Burgum, age 13 years - "I wonderd if i could be put on the list under L. My great grandad is called George Albert could u send me a picture of him please". (Lucy is related to George Burgum).

07th November 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Doug - I am sorry to pass along the news that my first cousin, Edith (Bower) Niemi, died October 28 in Wisconsin." Edith (Bower) Niemi's obituary.

04th November 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Doug - I sent off for the death certificates for the 3 daughters of Clara Burgum who married 3 Dohmans. Here is the data from those certificates (attached)" Annie Dohman (1895-1987) , Clara A. Dohman (1905-1995) , Gladys Dohman (1897-1971).

27th September 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "After just two weeks away there were 125 spam messages so I have changed our address. It now reads: [email protected]"

27th September 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - My e-mail to Brian - "I had a visit today from Stephen John Burgham (born 12.10.1967) and his father (Edward John Burgham - born 09.04.1923). They live in Camberley, but originally come from South Shields. I'm guessing, therefore, that they are part of your family. Edward's father was also Edward John Burgham, (married Sarah Wigham), and his father was Edwin Burgham who married Mary Ann Doson (they think!). Edward John Senior had at least 1 brother Arthur, and sisters Jane, Lizzie and Annie. Stephen said he had been in contact with you several years ago, and plans to get in touch again."
Brian's reply -"I think that this connection in more likely to be in Elaine's part of the family. She has an Edwin John who married Margaret Jane Dodgson and amongst their offspring were a Lizzie, Jane & Annie, as well as Violet & Lily, Maud, George & John. The father also had a brother called Arthur. My interest in an Edwin is Edwin James, not John. What I would like to know more about is the interconnection between the various Burgums / Burghams in the North East. It may just be coincidence that so many of them seem to have been there, presumably drawn by work, but it might be of use to list any addresses that we have. Mine include Ernest Street,Railway Street, Bladon Street, Caledonian Road West, Peel Street, Jarrow. For Jarrow it could read Hedworth or Hebburn Monkton. Also Mount Pleasant, Tudhoe."

27th September 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "We had a couple of days recently in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire looking at tombstones. We resolved the problem at Newland where, if you remember we thought that the date didn't fit the name. Lying face down alongside was another gravestone of the same shape and so we managed to find a pickaxe, some blocks of wood and a "surprised" volunteer from inside the church and lifted it up. It was for Sarah Hawkins and Moses Hawkins. She was a Burgham, but the layout of the lettering gave us the clue to reexamine the top of the first gravestone and although badly corroded it could be seen to read: ESTHER, beloved wife of THOMAS BURGHAM of Redbrook Foundry died Jany 20th 1879 Aged 71 years - Her end was peace. This doesn't solve any of my problems, but was an interesting piece of detection. The state of the gravestones at Newland and the high level of corrosion means that there is little hope of finding any more. We had a much better time at Linton and at Aston Ingham, again not relevant, but bit by bit we are eliminating possibles."

17th September 2003.
E-mail from Donald Burgham (UU Family Tree) - "I had no luck in finding the name Gannell in the Naples and surrounding communities in Collier County Florida. I visited the County Court House and had them research the names in the Tax, Propate and Property Records. The surname of Gannell does not appear in any of these department records. I believe, with 98% certainty, that a person with the surname Gannell does not live in Naples or Collier County Florida. Sorry I could not be more productive but very happy to try for the BFHS."

17th September 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Doug - The ancestry.com index for the entire US 1870 census gives only one Burgum family. Looking at the image, I could not swear that the spelling was indeed "Burgum" but that doesn't matter, since the father, Justin, was born in Switzerland. Mother Celestine b. France. Alex 19, Gustus 18, Amos 16, Mary 15, Jennie 11, Emily 9, George 7, William 4."

13th September 2003.
E-mail from Sandra ( formerly Mallett, now Janzen), (FF Family Tree) . Problem accessing FF family tree on-line (copy sent). "Your newsletter is greatly appreciated. I'm managed to locate a few Burgum cousins in our line thanks to it, and will happily send you my several pages on our FF line. I would be tickled if you posted email addresses of my distant cousins." Sandra's e-mail if you wish to contact her is [email protected]

11th September 2003.
E-mail from Donald Burgham, Jnr (UU Family Tree) - "Allow me to add my thanks and appreciation to my father's. It was great to meet you and your family. I wish that I had more time to get to know you better. You and your genealogical work have been an inspiration to me. I greatly admire your web site and your devotion to the Burgum/Burgham family. On another note, I took over 1,000 photos while I was in the beautiful Forrest of Dean. As you can probably empathize with me, I have not had the time to upload them all to the BurghamFamilyTree website. I will very soon though; and you are welcome to use any of them for you website. "

11th September 2003.
E-mail from Donald Burgham, Sr. (UU-130) of Naples, Florida. (UU Family Tree) - "Thanks for attending our Get-together in the Forest of Dean. A pleasure to meet you, your wife and handsome boys. And many thanks for the coverage you had in your last newsletter. We had over 70 Burgham family members in attendance from all over England. It was so great to meet them all and for them to get acquainted with each other. We had two days of research at the Gloucestershire Records Office and uncovered many leads to follow. Only wish we could have spent more time there and also at the beautiful Forest of Dean. Someday we may be able to tie more of the Burgum/Burghams into one tree. "

7th September 2003.
E-mail from Joy and Richard Gannell (JJ-113) (JJ Family Tree) - "It was nice to receive the Summer news letter, do keep up the good work. I noticed that you included the piece on Richard and yes he is now 100%. We are kept very busy here in our village, we have now been here for one year, time flys and we are assisting in the residents running of the village and the happy hours and trips in our coach. I notice that Donald Burgham (Senior) lives at Naples in Florida (UU-130). Well I was in contact with one of the members of the BFHS a couple of years ago and he said that there was a Gannell in the phone book of Naples in Florida USA. I wrote to the address etc and tried to phone, the letter was returned and the phone was not answered. Could you ask Donald Burgham if he could check the phone book where he lives or could I email this gentleman? We are still desperately trying to contact any people with the surname Gannell or are descendants of the Gannells. I would appreciate your help and I do know that you are very busy. We are well and we hope that you and your family are well too."

21st August 2003.
E-mail from Alex Hallawell - "Dear Mr. Burgum, I read with great interest your articles on Chatterton, Burgum and Catcott. I am descended from George Catcott's sister Augusta, and we have in our possession an original portait of George (and one of his sister Martha) dated 1798, on the back of which he is described as ``of antiquarian celebrity in the city of Bristol``. I would be interested to share any further information if any."

20th August 2003.
E-mail from Jay Burgum, who I found selling something on Ebay - "I'm not sure if we are related. My fathers name is Robert, and my grandfather's name is Don and his father's name was Joe. "

21st July 2003.
E-mail from Kathy Burgum (HH Family Tree) - "I recall that one of my uncles was killed in the First World War and is buried in Madagascar - I cannt recall exactly when he died and in which war and battalion - assuming he was in the military. If you could please provide those details, I would be eternally grateful."

13th July 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "Thomas and Esther, Newland, 1816. Can you please check on their marriage entry in the Newlands register to see if there is any mention of his father, and also who were the witnesses? So far I cannot establish definitely where he came from, although the best date for his birth is July 1796 at Aston Ingham. It is beginning to look as if the two Thomas' at Redbrook in the early 19 C were possibly not father and son."

13th July 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - Giving information about Burgums and Burghams in the Ohio Death Index.

09th July 2003.
E-mail from Joy Gannell (JJ Family Tree) - Information from Joy Gannell, stating that Henry Gannell's father was William; his son was born in 1805. Henry was the father of our Edwin and Emma.

09th July 2003.
E-mail from Joy Gannell (JJ Family Tree) - Information from Joy Gannell, stating that Henry Gannell's father was William; his son was born in 1805. Henry was the father of our Edwin and Emma.

03rd July 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - Do we know who this person is--or better, her husband? Mrs. E. C. Burgham, Birth: Nov. 7, 1832, Death: Oct. 24, 1881; Burial: Warden Cemetery, Collin County, Texas, USA

3rd June 2003.
E-mail from Bradley J. Burgum, (FF Family Tree) - "Hi Doug - our Ben Burgum is featured in Fargo Forum article: Recreation plus: Breezing through school: Area skipper enjoying his ride at Minnesota, By Dan Haglund, The Forum - 06/03/2003. http://www.in-forum.com/articles/index.cfm?id=34508 For some, the call of the water is as strong as any force. He and the University of Minnesota sailing team are competing this week at the Inter Collegiate Sailing Assoc. National Championships in Detroit Mich. http://www.collegesailing.org/2003/ Have a great summer!"

1st June 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Another tidbit from ancestry.com: Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2001- BURGUM, WILLIAM C ; Death Date: August 09 1992; Race: White ; Death Place: Rocky Hill, Hartford, Connecticut; Sex: Male; Spouse: EVELY; Age: 68 Years; Birth Place: , Illinois; Residence: Rocky Hill, Hartford, Connecticut; Birth Date: 10 September, 1923; Address: 2784 MAIN ST, Father: BURGUM; Industry: STATE OF CT DEPT OF TRANS; Occupation: STOCK CLERK; State File #: 18339". (William C. Burgum is part of the TT Family Tree ).

20th May 2003.
E-mail from Dell Anne Hollingsworth (Music Specialist, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Austin, Texas) - "Thank you for your letter and the link to your impressive website. I just finished reading Henry's bio, and that is the most fascinating and entertaining story I've read in some time! I forwarded this correspondence to my friend David Hunter, UT Music Librarian, who is immersed in writing a new biographical study of Handel, and of course he is delighted too to find this previously unknown connection. As luck would have it, he is leaving shortly for another trip to England, and if he can work it in he's going to try to get by the Bristol museum to have a look at the painting for me. I too am leaving shortly, for a two-week (much-needed) vacation in California, so I wanted to let you know that I won't be able to answer your questions until I return. But I will get in touch at that time". (Postscript added to the article about Henry Burgum, the pewterer ).

18th May 2003.
E-mail from David Johnson - "Brian's funeral was very well attended with the chapel at Derby Crematorium full and some mourners standing. Afterwards at the Mackworth hotel we had a drink on Brian as a fitting send off to a man who had bravely endured a second bout of cancer, but ever remained an optimist."

16th May 2003.
I have made contact with Dell Anne Hollingsworth, Music Specialist, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, in Austin, Texas. This followed some research that led me to the Theodore M. Finney Music Manuscript Collection, which holds musical manuscripts once owned by Henry Burgum, the pewterer. Ms Hollingsworth said "I am very excited to receive it, as this is the first time a relative of any of the 18th-century people in the Finney collection has contacted me. Henry Burgum didn't just own this manuscript, he copied it, and even included a number of his own compositions! Yes, you absolutely must have a copy. He has written charming little (signed) notes here and there throughout the volume, explaining changes he has made, commenting on which pieces are popular and which are not, etc. He even commissioned a song to be included -- the last piece in the book, it bears this note: "New canzonet, MS. set by Mr. Orpin of Bath, music master; of whom I requested the favour of it; to present to your Ladyship, and your Hon'l Sister." This is a volume of catches, glees, canons, and other vocal pieces by various composers including Purcell, Arne, Boyce, Byrd, and W. Lawes. It is handsomely bound in red morocco, the covers blocked with gold, with marbled endpapers and gilt edges. It contains 92 pages in oblong format, and the size is 23 x 29 cm. On the front cover, stamped in gold, is "The R.t Hon.ble (Harriet) Countess of Essex." Clearly he made this book for her; do you know if he worked for her, or what their connection might have been? If you come to the US we would be delighted to have you visit and see the manuscript." (Postscript added to the article about Henry Burgum, the pewterer ).

15th May 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Does the name G. Norman Burgum ring a bell with you? He and his wife, the former Elsie Throndson, had a baby who died when she was 9 hours old, of a heart defect. They named the baby Karen Maline Burgum. Born and died 29 May 1944. They were living in Mantorville, Dodge county, when the baby was born; both parents were born in Vernon Township, also in Dodge County. It is a little bit south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Burial was in West St. Olaf--probably Lutheran, but Elsie's maiden name could explain that." (Names added to Burgum/Burgham Master Index).

15th May 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) . "After we left you we finished up in the churchyard at Newland and found a gravestone with two Thomas' Burgham inscribed on it. The first date of death is not clear and since last Monday I found myself with a spare morning in London I went to the Family Record Office to check through the Death Index, writing down every reference from 1869 to 1883. For what it is worth the details are shown below. The majority are already on your list but there are a few new names for the record." (The extra names have now been added to the website).

3rd May 2003.
E-mail from David and Vivienne Johnson, cousins of Brian Burgum, of Spondon, near Derby. It was to inform me that Brian had died on Thursday evening 1st May in the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary after a long illness suffering with cancer. His funeral was held on Monday 12th May at Markeaton Crematorium, Derby at 13.45 and afterwards a reception was held at the Mackworth Hotel nearby. An announcement was also made in the Derby Evening Telegraph. The family were David told me that Brian's funeral was very well attended with the chapel at Derby Crematorium full and some mourners standing. Afterwards at the Mackworth hotel we had a drink on Brian as a fitting send off to a man who had bravely endured a second bout of cancer, but ever remained an optimist. (Information added to the website).

17th April 2003.
E-mail from Pam Sheers - New email address [email protected]. (Added to my database).

11th April 2003.
E-mail from Pamela McCloud, (BB Family Tree) - "You've heard this before - for some reason my computer will not access the family tree of the 'BB' line you were kind enough to e-mail me the tree but unfortunately my computer had a rather bad virus and I've only just got back on line would it be possible for you to send it again. Updating you on the grandchildren of Violet (nee BURGUM) Tebby - granddaughter born. 08/02/00 Harriet Violet-Rose and grandson born. 16/01/03 William Derek Tebby-McCloud, she would have loved them both dearly. Dad's comments -"If your mother was still alive, I would be bankrupt with these two grandchildren!! She would have spoilt them rotten! I hope you can help..." ("BB" Family tree sent).

9th April 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham - "Something that you might be able to throw some light on. Two new names that have recently cropped up
- in the IGI for Staffs, page 6,607, on the 1st Jan 1837 there is a Henry Burgam, christened at Darlaston near Wolverhampton in a Wesleyan chapel, son of John Burgam and Ann Woodall.
- in the IGI for Worcester, page 3,612, on the 22 May 1836, William Burgum, son of John Burgum & Ann was christened at St Thomas, Dudley. This is the same church that in April 1847 a John, Joseph and Sarah Rebecca Burgum were all christened on the same day, where in 1864 Ann married her second husband, William Webb.
This looks to me as if they all belong to the same family. The husband, John, is the one who died in Bilston in 1842 just days after the birth of his son John and who would have been my great grand uncle. Do you have any record of either the Henry or the William mentioned above, either marrying or dying? Do you have a copy of the marriage of John Burgam / Burgum and Ann Woodall? I see the date is given on the BFHS website as 2nd October 1832 at St Phillips, Birmingham. Where was he born?"

9th April 2003.
E-mail from Brian Burgham - Arranging to bring Allen Burgham and his wife Jean to see me at Bradley Hill Farmhouse, on their way to visit Redbrook.

5th April 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "Marion Hubner Burgum, wife of Harry P. Burgum, died July 9, 1944 at her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of pernicious anemia of long duration with effects on her heart, liver, spleen and lung. She had lived in Minneapolis 30 years. Her place of residence at the time of death was 4920 Fremont Avenue, South, Hennepin County. born: 17 April 1885 in Germany; father: Reinhold Hubner, born in Germany; mother: name and birthplace not known; (the informant was H. P. Burgum). Lakewood Cremation, 11 July 1944. She had no Social Security number". (Information added to database).

5th April 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "I also received two death certificates for "our" Burgums, plus one more which might be ours. This information may not be new to you. Edith Lillian Burgum, wife of Arthur Burgum, died at St. Angars Hospital, in Moorhead, Clay County, Minn, a city where she had lived for 20 years. She died on 24 June 1966, at age 70 of a massive pulmonary embolism, due to a facture of the fibula which had occurred when she fell down steps on June 9, 1966. born: 14 April 1896 in Moorhead, Minnesota; father: Joseph Harrington; mother: Carrie _____; occupation: housewife. She was buried in the Arthur, North Dakota, cemetery, either on 28 June 1966, or that was the date the body was removed from the Minnesota mortuary. Her home address in Moorhead had been 304 South 7th St. Her social Security number was 502 16 2122". (Information added to database).

5th April 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . "The most interesting of the Burgum (etc) death certificates I got from the Minnesota Division of Vital Statistics was that for John J. Burgham. Born Oct 13, 1837, New York; died 17 Sept. 1909, in Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota; cause: diabetes mellitus; married, had 3 children, one still living spouse not named (not space on form); occupation: laborer; father: Ralph H. Burgham, b. New York; mother: Sarah Baird/Band/Baud (no dot over I), b. New York. There is a possibility that his surname should be Bingham, but it was indexed as Burgham."

5th April 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . Another Burgum whose death certificate I obtained from the Minnesota authorities was that of Hans Burgum, who died June 12, 1909, in Itaska County, Nashwauk Township, Minnesota. He drowned while fishing. He was a laborer, married, age given as 30. His body was removed to Hersey, Wisconsin, which was given as his "former or usual" residence. The date of burial was given as June 19, 1909 (but maybe that was actually the date of removal). Nothing was known about his parents or where he was born.

15th March 2003.
E-mail from Frank Burgum, (HH Family Tree) . I happened by chance on your Burgum Family History website. Don't know why I never thought to do an internet search on my surname before! It is possible that you have emailed me in the past and I have been rude enough not to reply. If so, I apologise. I believe I can fill in a small portion of your HH family tree. I am descended from Frank Burgum, of Bolton Lancs, who died I believe in 1949 in his late 40s or early 50s. He appears in your HH tree as Frank Burgum (b.1891 ?) m. Jinnie ? son Jack Burgum
What I know is: Frank Burgum (my paternal grandfather), last address 271 Willows Lane Bolton, died c. 1949, m. Virginia (Ginnie or Jinnie, d. 1960) (surname not now remembered). One son, John Burgum (always called Jack, my father) born 30th October 1923 (or possibly 1924), died 1986 aged c.61. Jack Burgum married Winifred Joyce Holmes (always known as Joyce, born 8th March 1923, died 6th March 1966) on Dec 26, 1946. They had 4 children: Francis John (Frank - me!) b. 4th March 1948 - single, living in London, Anne Patricia b. 19th May 1950 - m. Peter Hunter c. 1971, one son Duncan Murray Hunter, living near Sittingbourne in Kent William James (Bill) b. 24th March 1954 - m. Irene c. 1976, no children, living near Antwerp in Belgium, Helen Mary b. 29th November 1955 - m. Ian Carter c. 1980, two daughters, living in Astley Bridge, Bolton. My parents served in the Navy during WW2 (father in RNVR, mother in the Wrens) and married on Boxing day 1946. They lived at 134 Hulton Lane Bolton from their marriage until 1955, when they moved to 61 Lakeside Avenue, Great Lever, Bolton. Grandpa Burgum died when I was about 1 year old, from heart problems exacerbated by heavy pipe smoking. Grannie Burgum died in 1960 from heart disease. Mother suffered from multiple sclerosis, diagnosed in about 1958 and causing her early death in 1966. Father suffered from (hereditary!) heart problems exacerbated by smoking and drinking, hence his early death. Well, don't know if this is of interest to you or helps you, but you are welcome to the information.

15th March 2003.
E-mail from Derek Pogson, (EE Family Tree) . (See earlier e-mail). Henry Burgum gives birth place as Poplar Kent in 1901 Census. All children birth place Cheshire Newton. Hope this is of value.

11th March 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . Posted on the Rootsweb website by Donald Burgham, Naples, Florida USA. - (Source: [email protected]) "This is my first attempt to trace my Gilbert ancestors. My Grandmother, Ellen Sophia Gilbert was born April 30, 1883, F. Tarrington, Nr. Hereford, England. I seem to recall that she had a twin brother but I could be mistaken. On March 5, 1905, at Pontlottyn Church, South Wales she married James William Webb. He was born October 26, 1885 at Yorkley, Nr. Lydney, Gloucestershire, England. They had 5 daughters- all born in Merthyr Tydfil, Gelligaer, Wales. James Webb migrated to the USA on November 16, 1927 followed by Ellen Sophia (Gilbert) Webb and the 5 daughters on February 1. 1928. They settled in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. The rest is recent history. This is all I know about my Gilbert connection. Maybe someone can connect with my Gilbert Grandmother".

8th March 2003.
E-mail from Janet Leach, an E-Bay member, who purchased a CD containing BURGHAM in the MISSOURI PIONEER GENEALOGY RECORDS-v.18~MO. - "Nothing listed under Burgum. Burgham: Howard County, County Court Book "B", 9 November 1822 Henry V. Burgham, Esq. was allowed the sum of 10.00 for his services as Judge of the Co. Court, having served 5 days."

5th March 2003.
E-mail from Derek Pogson, (EE Family Tree) - "I have been researching my Family when I came upon the Burgum Web Site. I soon realised that the EE family are related to my wife. Her mother was Emma Burgum bn 1909 d 1981[she married George Chamberlain 1937]. I believe her Mother & Father had 12-13 children. Sydney I am lead to understand played football for Man. City, the club found him a job in Goole. We know of other children Maud & Valentina. I Have a photo of about 1910 with 10 children [only one boy I assume to be Sydney. Large Families seem to drift apart but we have had some contact with Alfred b1917. Incidentally My Daughter lives between Blakeney and Lydney in The Forest of Dean."

14th February 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) - Source: [email protected]; Subject: [G-M] Anglo-Norman Origins. The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families, Lewis C. Loyd, 1951, 1999, originally published as Volume CIII of the Publications of the Harleian Society in Leeds, England. Maroon cloth covered hardback, 5-3/4x8-3/4, xvi plus 140 pages, as new, indexed. The book is arranged alphabetically, and has a foldout map of Normandy, bibliography. "This work deals with the Norman origins of several hundred families and related individuals, primarily those who settled in England between 1066 and 1205. There are two indexes, one of the families, names and places, and the other of Norman overlords and their undertenants in England." Abernon, Abetot, Abitot, Acquigny, Akeny, De Achigneio, Aincourt, Deincourt, Eincuria, Aldrie, Amblie, Amundeville, Angens, Anisy, Appeville, Arguges, Arques, De Archis, Auberville, Aubigny, Akbini, Auffay, Alfait, Altifaguim, Aukenvilla, Aumale, Albemarla, Avilers, Avranches, De Abrincis, Bachepuis, Bachepuz, Bagpuz, Bacon, Bailleul, De Bailiolio, Bailleul, Balgiole, Ballon, DeBaladone, Basset, Baudemont, De Bosco, Bavent, Badvent, Beaumont, De Beaumeis, De Bellomonte, Belmeis, Belni, Beunal, Berners, Bigot, Biset, Bohun, Bois, DeBosco, Bolebec, De Bordineio, Bosc-Rohard, Bois-Rohard, Borard, Nemus-Rohardi, Boscherville, Bosville, Boesevilla, Braiboue, Braibof, Briouze, Braiosa, Broilg, Broy, De Buceio, Boceio, Busli, Builli, Bulli, Bygore, Cailli, Kailli, Calceis, Cauceis, Cambreis, Campeaux, De Campellis, Champeus, Camville, Canville, Cantelou, DeKantilupo, CCantelu, Carleville, Caron, Carteret, Cartrai, Chartral, Castellon, Chamflur, De Campo Flore, Champernowne, De Camp! o Arnulfi, Chandos, Candos, Chanfleur, De Campo Florido, Chaworth, DeCadurcis, DeChaorchs, Cherbourg, Cesaris Burgum, Chesney, De Caisneto, Chester, Chevercourt, Capricuria, Chiray, De Cierreio, Chokes, Clavilla, Clere, Clera, etc.

12th February 2003.
E-mail from Kevin Burgum, (AA Family Tree) - "Have you visited the website http://www.genesconnected.co.uk as it may be useful for further research. I have gone into the search facility and found some "Burgums". These were the results:
Arthur Thomas Burgum, Born c1948 in Teesside
Arthur Thomas Burgum, Born c1948 in Stockton-On-Tees
Emma Louise Burgum, Born 1976 in Stockton-On-Tees
Paul Burgum, Born c1971 in Stockton-On-Tees
Samuel Luke David Burgum, Born 1996 in Hillingdon
Susan Patricia Burgum, Born 1971 in Teesside
Susan Patricia Burgum, Born c1972 in Stockton-On-Tees

11th February 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . Jan Samuelson recently sent me a newspaper obituary for Joyce. Her full name was Joyce Aevon (Burgum) Dunn; she was 74 when she died on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002, at St. Mary's Regional Hospice, which I assume is in Knoxville, Tennessee, since that is where she lived and since there is a St. Mary's Hospital there. She had breast and liver cancer. She is survived by her daughter, Jenness Luby, son-in-law, Charles Luby, and two grandsons, Daniel and Benjamin Luby. Her husband, Marion Wilson Dunn, predeceased her. (Mike?). She was born in Minot, ND, to Arthur C. and Edythe Harrington Burgum. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and also attended Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She worked for the U.S. Marine Corps for 16 years. (Her husband was a Marine--and officer, I'm pretty sure, and maybe a pilot. Jan Samuelson would know.) She served on a National Disaster Team with the American Red Cross. She was a member of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. She belonged to the American Association of University Women. "A private inurnment will take place at New Bern National Cemetery, New Bern, North Carolina."

26th January 2003.
E-mail from Mal and Dell Somerville, (QQ Family Tree). These are the details of the Burgums immigration to Australia from England. I only have 2 photos, but I will look for more when I am next in Brisbane. George Burgum; " S.S.Marathon" departed London 12 April 1905, arrived Brisbane 5th June 1905, built 1904, 7827 tons. Timothy Burgum, age 58, and Lillian Burgum, age 26; "S.S.Essex" departed Liverpool 8th Jul 1911, arrived Brisbane 9th Sep 1911. William Burgum, aged 25, and Alice Burgum, aged 21, "Duke of Devonshire" departed London 21st May 1901, arrived Brisbane 17th Jul 1901, 3275 tons. Annie Burgum; "Duke of Portland" departed London 15th Jun 1899, arrived Brisbane 16th Aug 1899, 3822 tons. I also could send you some Cemetery and death details of other Burgums if you want them. Edna will be 90 in July . We will have a big party!!! Wishing you and your family a great 2003.

24th January 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) . Arranged for someone with an unwanted marriage certificate (of Matilda Burgum) to send me a copy. (Now added as 1856 Marriage Certificate).

15th January 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree) with the sad news that Alice Lillie has passed away. (She has also supplied me with Alice's obituary, which I have placed on the website and in the next edition of the BFHS Journal).

05th January 2003.
E-mail from Pam Sheers, Reference Officer, Public Record Office Victoria. (PP Family Tree). (Supplied me with Bartholomew Duffy's Diary. Bartholomew Duffy was the husband of Ada Burgum).

05th January 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree). "I don't know if you subscribe to Genealogy.com. If not, you may not know that they've added a Burgum surname message board. It has 2 messages, either of which might be ours. One is about an Etta (Allen) Burgum, who was living in Des Moines, Iowa in 1922. It was posted by Deborah Brownfield- Stanley not as a query, just as a survivor in an obituary. Or this might be a Scandinavian Burgum. The other is looking for Bergam/Bergham in the Forest of Dean. The brief but somewhat confusing message, in its entirety: "looking for any bergams in gloucestershire,forest of dean south wales 1838 had 1 child samuel born 1859 he married a drusilla johns". It was posted by Ken Perry.

2nd January 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree). Something more off the internet: From: [email protected] (Dennis Ahern). Source: [email protected] Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers
M A R R I E D- On Tuesday, the 28th inst., at St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, by the Rev. Wm. Penfold, the Right Hon. Henry Lord Montfort, to Miss Ann Burgham. daughter of the late William Burgham, Esq., of Upton Bishop, Herefordshire. --The Cork Examiner, 31 December 1847; Dennis Ahern (Ireland Newspaper Abstracts; Acton, Massachusetts) http://www.newspaperabstracts.com/Ireland

2nd January 2003.
E-mail from Edith Bartley, (FF Family Tree). "Perhaps you've already heard from Jan Samuelson, who told me, but Joyce Burgum Dunn died in September of cancer. Her grandfather was Joe Burgum, but I don't know who her father was. Joyce was born on Dec. 19, 1927, and died Sept. 25, 2002. She had written me that she was in a nursing home due to a fall, but that she also had cancer and didn't expect to go home. I didn't hear about her death until I got Jan's Christmas card. Joyce had just one child, Jenness, who married Chuck Luby. They have two sons, Daniel and Benjamin. They live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Joyce had moved there several years ago to be near them. Joyce's husband, whose name I don't know, was a Marine."

18th December 2003.
E-mail from Colin Burgum, (DD Family Tree). "Just thought I'd e-mail you to update part of the DD family Tree. I am Colin Burgum one of the three Children of Frank and Norah Burgum. My Brother is Brice and my Sister is Stella. Brice has no children.(living in the Wirral), Stella has four, "Sarah,Joanna,Elizabeth,and Christopher".(living in Moulton Cheshire), I have one "Alicia" (living in Loggerheads Shropshire). It would be great for my daughter to see the family tree up to date."

E-mail from Melvyn Smith from Leicester; (PP Family Tree). "I am tracing the Burgum's from the Derby area. We have e-mailed before. More research has been done and I keep coming back to your web site, all my findings come back to James Haywood Albert Burgum and Emilly Foster. They married at St Werbergs Derby on the 30 Apr 1864. James's father was James Burgum and his mother was Betsy Burgum from Bolton. I keep coming back to your data base and come up with the PP tree but this is not on your web site yet. Is it possible to let me know any details you have?"

24th September 2002.
E-mail from Alan Tubman (QQ Family Tree) "This must be fate! I have been actively searching for a son/daughter/descendent of my Great Uncle Frederick (Derek) Tubman in the Pleasantville, NY area in the recent weeks! My wife, Lisa, and I have made arrangements for a visit to the Somme next year (April) to research and visit the area where my Great Grandfather fought and died. His name is one of the thousands on the Thiepval Memorial. Yes, Please forward my e-mail address to Harry! My home e-mail address has very recently changed to: [email protected] I am anxious to hear from him and exchange information, and of course, meet him!! I can't thank you enough for forwarding this to me, and for protecting my information. I look forward to filling you in on all the Burgum/Tubman information Harry and I exchange."

23rd September 2002.
E-mail from Harry Burgum Tubman (QQ Family Tree) "After enlisting in "Geneology Detectives" and accessing "euroseek", I stumbled into your journal and Alan Tubman's Article Seventeen from your spring, 2001 issue. I am the son of the uncle he's looking for and the grandson of his Great Grandmother, Didi Burgum Tubman. I want to enroll in your mission, but more specifically, get in touch with Alan Tubman of "QQ" family tree. I want to learn about my grandpa, Heslop 'Tubman who died in WW1 and never knew my father who was 2 at the time. Please let me know what I must do to sign up."

21st September 2002.
E-mail from Harry Burgum Tubman (QQ Family Tree) "I just downloaded a genealogy program in order to research information on my grandfather, Heslop Tubman who died in WW1. I am an neophyte to this whole field but stumbled onto this article in your Society's journal. It turns out that his Great, Grandmother was my Grandma Didi and his uncle Frederick was my Dad, Derek Tubman, long-time village manager in Pleasantville, NY. I have two questions: What is involved in joining your Society? How can I communicate confirming information to Alan? Sincerely, Harry : son of Derek and Margaret Tubman, nephew to Margaret White, nephew to Heslop Allan and Ruth Tubman, etc."

21st September 2002.
Linda Boud (AA Family Tree) e-mailed to offer a copy of Fredrick Weightís written history? (Charlotte Burgumís husband) It gives quite a bit of information of their marriage and travels to America. I also offered to obtain a copy of the page containing Charlotte's christening from the Bristol Records Office.

21st September 2002.
Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) responded to my request for information relating to Andrew and Anna Burgum of Minnesota. They were found on a website about Richmond County dated 1906. Her extremely strong hunch is that he is one of the Norwegian Bergums. There were lots of them in Minnesota.

19th September 2002.
Notification from Joy & Richard Gannell (JJ Family Tree) , that they are moving to a new address - Kincumber, NSW, Australia on the 27th September 2002. (Joy & Richard - JJ113 - have their own personal page on this website togther with e-mail address, should you wish to contact them).

17th September 2002.
Received email from Pam Sheers (HH091); (HH Family Tree) with photos of wedding. She intends to send the diary (Bartholomew's voyage to Melbourne, 1912) soon. Also photos of Ada.

16th September 2002.
Received email from Pam Sheers (HH091); (HH Family Tree) . She has found 3 matches to Burgum spelling in Public Records Office Victoria (Australia). Its in one of the indexes and is in draft format. This leads to the immigration microfiche for this time period only held at the Melbourne and Ballarat Offices which may in future be sold to Genealogical Groups.
Mr P Burgum, age 20, ship Marathon, page 1, year 1905 May, port B, (British) fiche no 726
Timothy Burgum, age 58, ship Essex, page 13, year 1911 Aug, port B fiche 829
Lilian Burgum, age 26, ship Essex, page 13, year 1911 Aug, port B fiche 829

14th September 2002.
Query from Ken Perry who has come to a halt on his wife's line. He has Joseph Bergam, born Ruspidge 1838?; Lorne Burgam nee Johns, born Littledean 1836?; children - Samuel, born Littledean 1859?; Drusilla, born May Hill 1859?; Elizabeth, born Cinderford 1880?; Ellen Johns (born East Dean in 1866?) noted as sister-in-law to Joseph. All this from 1881 census.

14th September 2002.
Received a GEDCOM file from Ed & Mary Hardiman. It contains infomation about John Burgham, christened 1824 in Kempley, moved to northwestern Worcestershire, married an Ann Barnbrook there. His brother, Richard Burgham, married a Sofia, and had at least one child. This will become the "KK" family tree until it can be tied in to another section of the family.

14th September 2002.
Received an e-mail from Bolton Archives and Local Studies following my research into William Dean Burgum (HH family tree) (HH Family Tree) who was publican at the Egerton Arms and was killed in a railway accident. They have checked their newspaper indexes and there are two entries relating to him. I shall send of a cheque and ask that the information be copied.

11th September 2002.
Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) sent an e-mail, submitting the following taken from microfiches at the PRO at Kew.
Durham, Boldon Colliery, Enumerator No 44 page 21
57 Church Street in the Ecclesiastical parish of St Nicholas.
George Burgham, Head, age 41, Coal Miner Hewer, born in Gloucestershire
Harriott (stet) Burgham, Wife, 38, born in Staffordshire
Albert Burgham, Son, 15, Driver below in coalmine, born in Washington, Durham
Sarah Burgham, Daug, 13, born in Lanchester
Harriott Burgham, Daug, 11, born in Felling
George Burgham, Son, 10 ditto
Edward Burgham, Son, born at Tyne Docks

There was a second entry for Boldon Colliery:
Enumerator No 49, page 31, 29 New Street
George Burgham, Head, Widower, 65, Retired Coal Miner, b. Forest of Dean
Arthur Burgham, Son, Single, 25, Coal Hewer, b. Staffordshire
Samuel Burgham, Son, 22, Colliery Putter, b. Staffordshire
Maud Burgham, Daug, 18, b. Washington

11th September 2002.
New E mail adress for Russell Burgham (WW139) is now "[email protected]".

09th September 2002.
Pam McCloud, BB137, (BB Family Tree) sent an e-mail = "You have put either John or Joan for Fredrick Burgum and Dorothy (pg 2). I can let you know that it is in fact Joan but I'm not to sure that she was really Fred's daughter - I am checking it out - and Alan his son has a couple of children that to I am checking - thanks for all your hard work and or wife's patience for letting you do such great stuff for us mere mortals!!"

06th September 2002.
From Edith Bartley (FF038) (FF Family Tree) = Searching the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild website:
142 , Mary Burgam, 30, F, Spinster, England, came on the SS Kedar from Liverpool to New York, where the ship listed her on the manifest dated 8 Dec. 1863.
Also on the ship, but much earlier on the list, was this family of Binghams:
14, Fanny Bingham, 30, F, Matron, England
15, George Bingham, 6, M, Child, England
16, Frank Bingham, 7, M, Child, England
17, Emma Bingham, 4, F, Child, England
18, Thomas Bingham, 2, M, Child, England

02nd September 2002.
E-mail from Ruth Descoteaux, of La Conner, Washington, USA. (JJ Family Tree) "I'd be very happy to share whatever info I have about John Burgum (of Concord, the artist). I mostly have information about his descendant's. I have photographs of him, his wife and family; his son, my grandmother's father, was a photographer and took a lot of pictures. I've asked my mother to take a photo of the slate painting. I'll see that you get a copy. I leave for England on Wednesday and will be in London for 4 days and then next Monday to Newcastle. We will be walking the route of Hadrian's Wall."

01st September 2002.
Personal news received from Edith Bartley (FF038).

26th August 2002.
Information from Joyce and Chris Caithness (Bristol) (FF Family Tree) . "Re; Deaths recorded
Eileen R 0 Chepstow SEP 1938 (11a/2) and Olive S 37 Forest of Dean DEC 1950 (7b/422) are both FF. Olive was the wife of Frank Burgum (son of Thomas and Emily Burgum and Eileen Rosamond was their daughter who sadly died at a few months old. She was of course Keith Burgums sister."

01st August 2002.
Information received from Edith Bartley (FF038); (FF Family Tree) . "A C Burgum of Ashley ND; [Arthur Castleman Burgum, I assume] http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/pub/towns/ashley38.txt
The Ashley Golden Jubilee Club was organized on July 22, 1937, at a mass meeting held in the Court House. At this meeting nine directors were elected and other business transacted. Memberships were solicited from every one interested in helping promote the celebration of Ashley's Golden Jubilee Celebration. It is due to the cooperation of all the members that the work was able to progress. Following is a list of members at the time this book went to press.
A - Christ E. Anhorn, Robert J. Adam, N. Auerbach, Ed. Aman, J.M. Anderson, P.A. Anderson
B - Herbert Breitling, Ed. Blumhardt, Ferdinand Brosz, Fred Breitmeyer, Amos Breitmeyer, Amos Brinkman, Verna Bauer, Lillian Buchholz, A.C. Burgum, T.M. Buchholz, F.F. Bender, Emil F. Bertsch, Christ Bauer, A.L. Breaw, Fred Beglau, G.C. Bietz, Jacob G. Bertsch, Otto Becker, Edwin Blumhardt, Wm. Bertelson, Wm. Baumann, Marian Beveridge, Harold Barth, Jacob Broszy, G.A. Bietz, Gust Blessing, Art Boschee, Edwin Boschee,.....

01st August 2002.
Information received from Edith Bartley (FF038); (FF Family Tree) . "When I was in Iowa a week ago researching Bartleys, I came across some Bergums in the same minors naturalization index." On 18 Feb 1902, both John Bergum and Ole Bergum, both born in Norway, renounced their allegiance to the King of Norway and Sweden. In 1902 John was 21 and Ole 23. John had arrived in the US at age 6, Ole at age 7. On 21 Feb 1906, Christian Olson Bergum, who emigrated from Norway, denounced his citizenship from the King of Norway. No more data on him.

30th July 2002.
Matthew Richard Burgum. (Birth date is 13.08.1987). (FF Family Tree) . Asks that he, his Dad (Martin Burgum), and his parents (Jennie and Albert) would like their names posted on their family tree (and dates) please. Family tree will be actioned shortly. Anyone can ask that their family tree include all living people, too. Normally, only early generations are placed on the website, unless you specifically request otherwise.

28th July 2002.
From: ken . Sent To: ; Sent: 28 July 2012 10:10 AM; Subject: [FoD] burgham(burgam)(burgum)johns
"I am trying to trace joseph burgam born east dean 1838 no sign on 1851 gloucester cencus but shows on 1881 where children shown as littledean. also lorne burgam nee johns no sign on 1851 but shows on 1881 as born at littledean. both living at hinders lane east dean does this road still exist" - ken perry. Sent by Averil Kear and by Edith Bartley.

23th July 2002.
From Melvyn Smith - Tracing his family tree, part of the tree is from Derby. In the tree the Smiths married into the Burgum family and he's found 18 members of the burgum family with some help from the web site. His cousin, Brian, has given permission for Melvyn to send a copy of the Derby Burgums.

12th July 2002.
Betony Tait (FF Family Tree) has e-mailed me sveral times, asking for research information into Jemima Burgum, and daughter Gertrude. She wishes to know about Jemima first marriage to....... Burgum. She later married Herbert Tarbath, part of Betony's family, but wishes to know more....

09th July2002.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "I hope that another piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place, establishing with reasonable certainty that our tree goes back to Thomas Burgum of Lydney. This has been suspected before, but on re-reading some of the certificates I suddenly noticed that there was a definite reference, as below:
On the marriage certificate dated July 2nd, 1843, at West Bromwich, for John Burgum (of Redbrook), father of William etc., & Mary Townsend, his father is clearly stated as Thomas Burgum, Forgeman. This was John's second marriage, the first being to Mary Roberts in 1803. This fits very well with the baptism recorded at Lydney on 4th July, 1784 of a John Burgum, son of Thomas & Elizabeth. (Gloucs. Record Office PFC 209 in 1/2 1 of 2), since in the next census (1851) at Bilston this John is mentioned as having been born at Lydney, Gloucestershire and being aged 68. That brings us back to 1783."

08th July 2002.
From Edith Bartley (FF038) (FF Family Tree) - Source: [email protected]; Subject: [IADECATU] OBITUARY - JAMES M. ALLEN
Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa; Thursday, June 22, l922
"JAMES MADISON, son of WILLIAM R. and MARGARET ALLEN, was born in Madison County, Iowa, Oct. 9, l855, and died at his home in Van Wert, Iowa, June 5, l922. He was 66 years, 7 months and 26 days old. On April ll, l875, at Winterset, Iowa, he was united in marriage to MISS SARAH FRANCIS GILLIAM, who departed this life in Oct., l902. To them were born thirteen children, nine of whom are living. In l906, he was married to MRS. FRANCIS VIOLA ROSA at Peru, Iowa, who passed to the life beyond, Oct 3, l9l8. He was united in marriage to MRS. ELSIE HAMMITT, at Leon, Iowa, Oct. 6, l9l9. She, with his children, survives. The deceased was for many years engaged in active business life. He was a cashier of the bank at Peru for eight years. He then moved to Van Wert in l907, where he has since conducted a grocery business. He has also served the public as Justice of the Peace and in other official capacities. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and at the time of his death, was clerk of the camp at Van Wert. He made the decision for the Christian life at an early age, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Ella Grove near Peru, when he was twelve years old. For fifteen years he has been a faithful member of the Methodist Church at Van Wert. In his business dealings he endeavored to practice the principles of Christianity. He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife, nine children: MRS. MARILLA SIMMONS, MRS. MATILDA SIMMONS, both of Fort Scott, Kansas; MRS. MINNIE MCDONALD, of Joplin, Missouri; MRS. ETTA BURGUM, of Des Moines; MRS. DELLA HANAN, of Des Moines; BENJAMIN, of Murray, Iowa; CHARLES, of Centerville, Iowa; WALTER, of Radville, Canada, and ROBERT, of Free Water, Oregon; one brother, ED, of Mexico; one sister, MRS. LUCH MCDANIELS, of St. Charles, Iowa; thirty-six grandchildren and five step-children. Funeral services were in the presence of a large crowd of friends at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Van Wert, in charge of the Pastor, Rev. Virgil W. Henderson, at l0:30 Wednesday morning, June 7. Interment was made in the cemetery at Peru, Iowa.
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert; List Administrator; Decatur County, Iowa GenWeb; "With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter; July 2, 2002"

03rd July 2002.
From: Tim Stowell Reference - an entry on his website for Andrew Burgum and Anna Burgum. They were on a 1906 index, with a page number of 579 and are referenced in an article dealing with Morris, John S. He says that that particular bio has not yet been transcribed. Basically though it states that Anna the daughter of John S. Morris is married to Andrew Burgum and that they reside in Minnesota. Anyone know who Andrew and Anna Burgum of Minnesota are?

21st June 2002.
Kevin Burgum (AA Family Tree) sent me information from the Friends Reunited website, listing Burgums and the schools they attended. I'd like to put this on the site, but wonder about copyright. Any suggestions?

19th June 2002.
From Edith Bartley (FF038) (FF Family Tree) - "As best I can tell, it sounds as though the manor of Burgham to which they are referring is in Sussex, and maybe there is an alternate spelling (or handwriting interpretation) of Burpham. But maybe this will be of interest."
Source: [email protected]; Subject: Re: Reynold Aguillon & Eustace de Valle Pironis
From K. Keats-Rohan, Domesday Descendants p.133.
Manasser Aiguillon - "Son of William II Aiguillon (d.1159) and Isabel. First occurs with his parents and siblings in a Tiron charter of c 1121. (Cart. Tiron i., 171). He held one fee of the the new enfeoffment in Warwickshire of Robert Marmion in 1166. He was given land in Sussex by Henry I, held as two knights' fees of the earl of Arundel in 1166 at Nutbourne, Up Marden, and Burpham (fees, 688; Farrer, HKF iii, 72-6). He left 3 sons, William Robert and Richard, at his death before 1179 (Pipe roll 25 Henry II, 38) See L.F Salzman, 'The family of Aiguillon', Sussex Arch. Coll. 79 (1938), 45-60. [Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, IV, p.645, no. I; Pipe Roll 2 Henry II, 61-ss; Red Book of the Exchequer, ed. Hall (1897), pp 200-2, 327.]" Ten fines from Sussex, [L.F Salzman, An Abstract of Feet of Fines relating to the County of Sussex, from 2 Richard I to 33 Henry III. (Sussex Record Society, 1902], dated between 1219 and 1236 reveal three clusters of Aguillon relationships. Richard Aguillon was married to Margery de Thorney, and her son and heir was William Aguillon. Margery was dead by 1228 when William gave the rights of his inheritance of a third part of 2 knights's fees in Thorncia (Thorney) and Waleton to his father Richard, acknowledging that after his death the remainder would go to William and his heirs. In return Richard would give 40 shillings rent per year. From another fine Margery appears to have been sister and coh. in her issue of Richard de Thorney (Tornie, Torenie, Torenye). From this it must be deduced that was Margery's son, William, who sold property in Offham to Reginald Aguillon. This is the Thorney family group which is inferred from the fines. 1.William de Thorney + Mabilia de Thorney 2.Richard de Thorney d s.p.bef 1222 + Matilda 2. NN de Thorney + Grenested 3.Richard de Grenested 2.Margery de Thorney d bef 1222 + Richard Aguillon 3.William Aguillon + Joan 2.Cecilia de Thorney + William Gardin + Gilbert Marshall. Marie daughter of Eustace de Valle Pironis was living in 1226. Her sons were Reginald Aguillon and possibly John Aguillon. Reginald appears to have had four daughters and coheirs and was probably dead by 1236 when a fine was made by the four sisters and their husbands who made over a carucate of land in Bedrington to Hugh de Aubeny as a result of an assize of morte d'ancestor. 1.Reginald Aguillon 2.Maria + William Cuvert 2. Cecilia + Peter de Gatesden 2. Alice + William Russel 2. Godehout + Ralph de St Owen. The third family group is found in the 1228 fine when Robert Aguillon, with John Aguillon acting on his behalf, gave Richard Aguillon half the manor of Burgham (Burpham) to revert to Robert or his heirs after Richard's death. In 1235 this same property, or the other half of the manor of Burghum, was given by William Aguillon to John Aguillon. Richard, William, John, Reginald and Robert are all linked by Sussex property transactions between 1219 and 1235, so it is safe to assume they are all related to one another and descended from Manasser Aiguillon. At a guess Maria de Valle Pironis was widow of Manasser's son and heir,William. As she must have been holding the land, which she gave to John in Up Marden, in dower in 1226, she certainly wasn't the wife of Richard or Robert, who were both alive in 1228. The following is a deduction (caveat emptor) 1.Manasser Aguillon d. by 1179 + (Miss Marmion?) 2.William Aguillon d. bef 1226 + Maria de Valle Pironis d.aft 1227 3. Reginald de Aguillon d. aft 1230 4. Maria 4. Cecilia 4. Alice 4. Godeheut 3. John de Aguillon d. aft 1236 2.Robert Aguillon d. by 1236 2.Richard Aguillon d. by 1236 + Margery Thorney d. by 1221 3. William Aguillon d. aft 1241. As to the Valle Pironis name, I have been unable to find another trace of it. By the end of the 1200s (CIPM v.4 no. 163 Robert de Tateshale), the three Aguillon manors in Sussex had passed out of Aguillon hands and this does suggests the primary male line had daughtered out. Whether Robert Aguillon above was father of Joan, wife of Imbert Pugeis, I have no idea, but it is interesting to note that there appears to be an early Marmion connection (as mentioned in the DD entry). Chris Philips mentioned on 22 Sep 2001 in a message outlining the IPM of William Marmion c. 1275, that there was a connection between Joan and the later Robert Aguillon. It may possibly be through the Marmions that the link can be found.

15th June 2002.
From Brian Burgham (WW127) (WW Family Tree) - "Here are some details of Births, Deaths & Marriages for the WW tree, if you agree with them. John Burgum 1784? - 1857. He married Mary Roberts on the 1st June 1803; (Source - Wedding certificate from Newland). **He died at Bilston in 1857 with George Burgum present; (Death certificate).
Mary Burgum nee Roberts - date of birth not known. This Mary died at Bilston on 21st March , 53 years old. Her son William was the informant. The certificate clearly states that she was the wife of John Burgum; (Death Certificate).
Their children were: John, baptised at Newland Dec 1st 1806; (Baptismal entry). Elizabeth, baptised at Newland Jan 10th 1808; (Baptismal entry). *Sarah, baptised at Newland, Aug 13th 1809; (Baptismal entry). William - no Baptismal entry, but he appears in the 1841 census for Bilston; his marriage certificate, where John is shown as his father, the baptisms of his two eldest children in 1847,1851 census, and his death certificate on 22 April 1889. George, baptised at the Wesleyan Methodist Church (Film MF 1422) on Nov 22nd 1820, three days after his birth; (I have a copy).
*Sarah died young and was buried on May 27 1817 at Newland; (Copy of the parish register).
John Burgum, the eldest son died on 7th June 1842 at Hallfields, Bilston (Copy of death certificate). John, the father, remarried another Mary (Townsend) on July 2nd 1843; (Wedding Certificate). George married Mary Jones on 11th November, 1843.
**See above for John's death in 1857.
William married Ann-Elizabeth Burt on 21st Feb 1842; (Wedding Certificate). Elizabeth (Betsy) married Henry Mills on July 25th 1842; (Wedding Certificate). In other words, once their mother had died everyone else got married!! Betsy died in 1877. William & Ann had three sons: William Henry born 1 July 1843 at Bilston; (Birth Certificate). William Henry married Mary Elizabeth Forrest on Dec 25th 1865 at Brancepeth, Durham; (Wedding Certificate). Their daughter, Annie Sophia, born & died 1867; (Death Certificate). They had another daughter Mary E in 1873. Edwin James, born 12 Mar 1847 & baptised, with William Henry, on May 25th 1847 (Birth Certificate & Parish Register). He married Thirza Hinsley on March 26th at Madeley, Salop; (Wedding Certificate). hey had one son and two daughters; Harry Hinsley Burgham ( my father) born 1874 and died 1942; Ethel Burgham, born 1878 and died 1863; Frances Eleanor (Fanny) Burgham, born 1885 and died in 1977. Edwin James died at Golders Green, 21st July 1924 (Death Certificate). William and Ann Elizabeth's third son was Abraham John, no date of birth available but calculated as 1849. He married Margaret Burleson on 24th June 1878, at the Bethseda Chapel, Gateshead; (Wedding Certificate). I hope that helps. This replaces the copy of the descendant chart which I tried to send you recently. If you want any more up to date information I will be happy to supply."

14th June 2002.
Joy & Richard Gannell (JJ113) (JJ Family Tree) say - "Our new addition to the family has arrived, our daughter Elizabeth and her husband Leslee now have a new baby Gian. Paris. Ellis-Gannell born on 31-5-2002 at Baulkham Hills in Sydney NSW. Both mother and baby doing well, a sister for Liam who will be nine at the end of August. Our fifth grand-daugheter, we have also two grandsons."

11th June 2002.
E-mail from Pam Sheers (HH Family Tree) - "Marriage of William Dean Burgum to Emma Lee 10 May 1879; Adam Burgum b 12/2/1881, m 23/12/1901 to Bartholomew Duffy at Bolton, d 2 May 1958, Williamstown, VIc. Bartholomew Duffy b 2/3/1873 d 25/4/1960 Newport, Vic. Annie Duffy b 22/8/1908 to change to b 22/8/1903 Preston Lancs.d 3/11/1994 Williamstown, Vic. Nancy Cariss to Nance Cariss b 2/7/1926 Williamstown, Vic. Keith Reginald Cariss m 7/6/1952 Coburg, D 15/3/1993. Edith Emma Duffy d October 1999 Morwell, Vic."

03rd June 2002.
From Linda Weight Boud (AA Family Tree) - "I appreciate the pedigree information on your website for Charlotte Burgum's family. Do you have documentation of Charlotte's birth? I would really like a copy. I'm also wondering how she met Fredrick Weight. I have a history of Fredrick Weight that gives the details of their lives from getting married to her death in the Salt Lake Valley. (It's a number of pages and I would need your address to mail it.) A few years ago, I also found that Charlotte did not have a grave marker. She is buried next to Fredrick's mother, Ann Foukes Weight in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. Last summer, the Weight Family Reunion donated the funds to have a beautiful marker placed at her grave. We had a re-dedication ceremony last August. It was very spiritual. Do you need any other information on Charlotte or her family for your records?

31st May 2002.
From Brian Burgham (WW127) (WW Family Tree) "From the date of 1858, it looks as if this will be "our" John. He died on the 22nd December 1857 at Hallfields, Bilston, aged 74 years due to "Decay of nature" ! The informant was George Burgum who was also present at the death, and his address is shown as Hallfields. It was registered on the 28th Dec. and so probate for 1858 fits very well. I would be very glad to have a copy of the will - by email! I'll look at Russell's family tree when you post it on the net. Did you know that this Joseph remarried in Colchester to someone called Rosanna Slade Barford on September 30th 1888 at St Botolphs. Do you have any record of any one of that name dying? I have a gut feeling that there is a connection between my lot and his with New Zealand, and Newcastle being a common denominators. He looks so much like Abraham John 1st as well! I know you will say that, like Mr Gradgrind in Dickens' "Hard Times", you want Facts, fact, facts!! For good measure I am attaching two more pictures from Ninekirks. They show the top half of the Burgham tomb and also a close up of the crests. I think that these connect to the Clifford, Vaux, and Lucy families. Geoffrey de Lucy adopted the three fish as his emblem as a pun on his name since in heraldic terms these are called lucies."

30th May 2002.
From Brian Burgham (WW127) (WW Family Tree) "Newsletter No 49 -
1. I thought that you might like to know that yours truly was the "gentleman" who had contact with Bethony Tait. Her ex husband used to work for me when I ran a printing busines in Newbury. Now, she is working nearby in a framemaker's shop, and she recognised me and the name when they did a job for us recently. Sorry that it is not more exciting than that!
Just for the record there are three items on the 1901 list that may be worth correcting.
a). Edwin James Burgham - Manchester Warehouseman. I have a copy of the actual census entry and it is certainly not clear. However, I believe that the word "Manchester" - which is a good guess - should be "Haberdasher". His birth place is correctly shown as Great Bridge and I have discovered that this is just outside Bilston. I have not heard of it previously so will have to examine the 1861 census at Staffs in due course to see who else may have been there. His birth year is certainly 1847 - I have a copy of the baptismal entry.
b). Fanny Burgham 15. She was born on 7 July 1885 at 38 Bignold Road, West Ham. Her sister was Ethel 22 b. Shincliffe and therefore of the WW family.
c). Joseph Burgham 72. May I suggest that this should read Feckenham, Worcs. He is a relative of Russell Burgham of Sevenoaks who I am glad to hear has contacted you at last!. He has just had a mild stroke but said that he was recovering well.
3. Can you identify the Tharassa Burgham who is shown as being in Durham?
4. Would you like to run the Ninekirks story with pictures for the 50th edition, or is it too unconnected?"

29th May 2002.
From Wendy Pirsig; OId Berwick Historical Society; South Berwick, ME, USA.
"Dear Burgum Family History Society,
I have an appointment to speak to our local Rotary club this week and was trying to think of a topic. I came upon some slides one of our members once took at the Stonybrook, LI, carriage museum showing one of our town's features from a century ago-- the Grace Darling omnibus. We have some information in our museum, but I just want you to know I also found it helpful to look at your website. I will be sure to mention John Burgum (JJ Family Tree) in my talk!"

25th May 2002.
From Brian Burgham (WW127) (WW Family Tree) - "Margaret & I went to the church at Ninekirks outside Penrith a fortnight ago and have some good pictures of the Burgham and Brougham tombs / brasses. From the crests that are included there is a clear connection between the two families, but since I understand that the Burgham male line petered out, it is probably all of academic interest. If you able to read the John Burgham attachments mentioned above then I'll scan the Ninekirks pictures and send them on as j.peg files."

24th May 2002.
From Dr. David Laibman; Editor, Science & Society; John Jay College;
445 West 59th Street, Rm. 4331; New York NY 10019 / USA
Recommendation to contact Dr Rubinstein, who knew and worked with Edwin Berry Burgum (JJ Family Tree) , and may have recollections, and may know others who do. Gave phone number.

16th May 2002.
From Tony Burgham - ([email protected])
"Father [Frederick Burgham] who was 85 this April 2002 to see what he knew of the family history. He told me the name of his grandfather (Henry Burgham), that he had two great uncles and that he thought they had originally come from Cinderford. (He remembers going there with his father when he was young to visit relatives.) He also luckily remembered his grandmothers maiden name (Ann Wheler) one of his great uncles had played rugby for England (Oliver) and that the other had emigrated to Globe, Arizona (Arthur). I then took it from there, doing most of my research via the Internet, other than managing to get a copy of my Great grandfather's death certificate from the Liverpool register office. Most of what I have gleaned since then is from your website or from links on the site. The first breakthrough I had was using your link to Ellis Island. I found an Arthur John Burgham had emigrated to America aboard the Mauretania in June 1909 accompanied by his wife Margaret and daughter Margaretta Final destination Clifton, Arizona joining brother in law Harry Wheler. On the ships manifest it stated that Arthur's next of kin was his father William Burgham of Wesley road Cinderford. Was this my great grandfathers brother and therefore was William my great great grandfather? This was subsequently confirmed later when in conversation with a cousin of mine I discovered she had some letters written to my grandfather [Vincent Burgham] confirming that Arthur was his uncle. I next came across the census reference CS-101 for the year 1891 this states that William Burgum his wife Ann and 4 sons Henry (my great grandfather), Arthur, Oliver and Archibald all lived in Wesley road, Cinderford. I believe some of the dates in CS101 maybe incorrect. Arthur was born in 1879 as stated on his gravestone and also confirmed by his age being 29 on the Mauretanias manifest in 1909. I also believe, but cannot yet prove that William was born in 1855 in Redbook Monmouth Henry my great grandfather was born in 1876 and died 3rd November 1948 aged 72 at 6 Edale road Liverpool his home address. Your recently added list of parish registers PR.112 St Stephens church Cinderford shows Henry Burgham marrying Ann Wheeler in 189? As it states Henrys age as being 21, I assume the year is 1897. CS101 states that their surname is Burgum but thereafter Burgham seems to be the spelling."

15th May 2002.
E-mail.jpg received from Russell Burgham, in download. To review.

13th May 2002.
From Edith Barley (FF038); (FF Family Tree) . Source: [email protected]; Subject: [CAN-BC-OBITS] May 11, 2002
Lower Mainland; In Memorium; Delta Optimist.
JEAN MAY BURGHAM May 21st 1934 - May 8th 2001 One year has gone by since since we last saw your smile. You are so sadly missed. We are thankful for our cherished memories. A part of you lives on in all of us. We love you, Your loving husband John, children, and grandchildren.

12th May 2002.
From Dave Burgum (Member 121; Pinner) - "The personal info bit about the fisherman in Portugal is my brother George born 13/7/52. He had a fishing business in Ireland Dingle and Portugal for a while. Now lives in Bournemouth ."

26th April 2002.
E-mail from Russell Burgham - "Joseph Avery Burgham born 1827 worcestershire was my great grand father he emigrated to New Zealand was married there but returned 1868 grand father was born on the homeward trip Russell Joseph burgham . I will send you a family tree when I feel better also copies of the photos of Arthur Burgham,To whom I have been unable to trace any relationshipso far.regards Russell"

23rd April 2002.
E-mail from Pam Sheers (HH091); (HH Family Tree) - "Photo's of the day 23/3/02. David and Debra Mills - The wedding party family, Nance Sheers, Greg Middleton, Pam Sheers, David & Debra Mills and Peter Middleton (See attached file: Photo 1.jpg)(See attached file: Photo 2.jpg)(See attached file: Photo 3.jpg)

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