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21th December 2004.
E-mail from Russell Burgham to Susan Grant - "Jane Hanna Holbrook Burgham Ne. Merritt was my great grandmother was married to Joseph Avery Burgham, my Great-grand father in St Pauls church Auckland N.Z.on 2nd September 1865. The family returned to England in 1868 and I believe Jane died soon after the return. Grand father was said to be born 3 days after departure from Auckland."

20th December 2004.
E-mail from Russell Burgham to Susan Grant - "My name is Russell George Burgham. I am 87 and believe may be the family connection you are looking for. My great Grandmother was Jane Hanna Holbrook Burgham Ne.Merrit.She was married to Joseph Avery Burgham on the 2nd sept 1865 in St Pauls church Auckland New Zealand I have a copy of the marriage certificate. I was told by my family that my great grand mother died soon after her return from N.Z.Her son my Grand father was supported by the Merritt family .I know Edmund Merritt was an Alderman in Tunbridge Wells in the 1920's he had two sons living at his death at age of 81 I think in about 1930 I clearly remember visits from his wife in the 1920's.I will be pleased to send you photos of some of the people involved preferably by sea mail once I have your mailing address."

17th December 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham to Nick Phillips - "More Haste - Less Speed! Re Henry - Sorry but the maths just doesn't add up. If he was born in 1827 and died at the age of 42, then it should be 1869 and not 1859. The Index reference of Monmouth 3/4 11a 16 would then apply. I shall stick with this unless you want it checked the next time that I'm in the Forest. Then, it can go on the list!! In reply to yours of the 15th, John Burgham, son of Thomas & Esther, married Louisa Davies at Newland on the 27th July 1846. They lived in Redbrook and had seven children between 1848 and 1862. Eliza in 1901 appears to be 72, born at Trevethin, Monmouthshire. Neil and I are distant (third) cousins with whom I made contact by doing the family history. We connect back in the 1840's. Russell, who is in his eighties, lives in Sevenoaks where, purely by concidence two of our children also live. We have not established any link, but both feel sure that there is one somewhere. In our case all roads lead to the Forest, not Rome!! The house Inglewood is as I understand it where Oliver Arthgur lived. The 1901 census will confirm that if you try it."

17th December 2004.
E-mail from Nick Phillips to Brian Burgham - "With this latest correction of Henry's dates, things are starting to add up and make sense! I think you've probably cracked the mystery, although if you want to check the next time you go to the Forest, that would be great. But I think we can quite safely go with what you have worked out. I do appreciate this - many thanks to Russell, as well! I wonder who the John Burgham who married Eliza Mills in Monmouth was? Also, I have seen Thomas' wife listed as both Esther and Harriet - what do you make of this? I have been discovering quite a few distant cousins in the course of my research, as far afield as Australia, and in various parts of the UK - it's one of the many rewards of this geneology project. Regarding the Burgham/Watkins connection, there seem to have been a number of Watkins centered around Ruardean, and this is the likely the family that Eliza Watkins came from. Until I discover where my 3G-Grandfather Watkins came from, I will not know if there is a link. I'm hoping a look at the 1841 Census will help with that, when I eventually get my hands on it. I am assuming that Inglewood is probably the house in which my great-grandmother worked. This is a great bit of history! I have not had a chance to share the photos with my mother yet, but she is thrilled that you sent them as she has tremendous sentimental attachment to the Forest and her Nana."

16th December 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham to Nick Phillips - "Russell has confirmed from his notes made several years ago at his visit to the Forest that Henry Burgham was buried at Coleford, not Newland, and the figures on the gravestone were 15 Sept 1859, aged 42. Eliza apparently died much later on 2 August 1902 aged 75."

16th December 2004.
E-mail from Geoff Riggs (Chepstow) Member 2408 - "I've read the article on Frederick Charles Riggs on your Burgum website with great interest. I too am naturally trying to track down his birth family, and see that you quote a date of birth of 28th July 1888. Are you able to let me know the source of that info, please, since I assume you haven't a birth certificate (and he's not in the indexes to births)? I've looked at his file in the "burnt records" collection at the National Archives and, although most of it is too faint to read, on enlistment on 1st September 1914 he said he was aged 25 years and 3 months, which if accurate would mean he was born in May or June 1889. I also see that against Elizabeth Burgum in the Burgum Master Index section you show in the Location column 'Christchurch, Hoxton'. I'd be very grateful if you could elaborate on the "Hoxton" connection - was it the address on her marriage certificate (1886Q3 Shoreditch maiden name Brannam?) rather than her birth certificate, I wonder? If her marriage cert, are you able to let me know also her father's name and occupation? Naturally, I'll fill you in on what I can discover, as well as other facts I can decipher from his war records."

14th December 2004.
E-mail from Nick Phillips to Brian Burgham - "Many thanks for the remarkable photographs! They really bring life to this whole exploration! We did not know about my great-grandmother's connection to the Burghams until I started researching it a couple of months ago, and it's a fascinating little piece of history. Although I grew up in Canada, I heard alot about the Forest of Dean from my mother, who spent alot of time there as a child. My grandfather, who was born at Woolaston, apparently loved it there. So by the time I made my first visit there in '98, it had attained almost mythic status. Of course we know how hard life could be for the people of that area in times past, but it is a part of the world that has much meaning in my family. I had come to the conclusion a week or so ago that the Eliza Burgham of Redbrook Brewery was not Eliza Watkins - as you point out, the dates just don't add up. However, I found an index of an 1846 marriage between John Burgham (I assume the son of Thomas Burgham the foundry owner) and an Eliza Mills at Monmouth. And I know from census data that Eliza Burgham was born at Pontypool. So I have been speculating that perhaps this is the Eliza Burgham of Redbrook that my great-great aunt Bertha Simmonds worked for. I can find no other reference to John Burgham at this end yet, aside from an 1841 Census record on the Burgum Family site. You mention Henry Burgham, and John had a brother Henry (both sons of Thomas). You probably know all this from the 1841 and 1851 Censuses. I suppose it is possible that Eliza could have married one brother after the next, or perhaps Eliza Mills is another red herring. But I can't find anything on Henry yet. I agree that a look at the 1861 Census would help - I may purchase a CD copy. I will certainly let you know what I find out. Eliza appears to have returned to Monmouth sometime after 1891and died there in 1902 - I thought I had a 1901 Census reference for this but I can't locate it, but I did find an index of her death at the age of 74. I'm curious as to what branch of the Burghams you, Russell, and Neil are part of. I have been in contact with Don Burgham Sr. in Florida. I assume that the first photo you sent is of the Redbrook Brewery - is that right? And is the house the home of Arthur Burgham? I'm really thrilled to get these photos! I can't locate any of my great-grandmother, Annie Simmonds yet, but she was in service in the home of Arthur Burgham at the age of 16, in 1891. Her sister, Bertha, married a Chandler in 1892 and died in 1902 at the age of 40. Annie married David Thompson in 1900, and lived out her life at Woolaston, where the sisters were born. They have been a bit hard to trace, as their surname is often misspelled as Simmons of Symonds. Annie spoke Welsh - I am not sure if it was her first language, but it died out in my grandparents generation. My multilingual mother picked it up again in the 70's, which is handy with some of the names and words I come across. Here's one that shows three generations of Annie's descendents - her youngest child, Doris, who died in 2001 at the age of 88, flanked by her daughter and granddaughter."

14th December 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham to Nick Phillips - "I have read your email to Doug which he has published in the latest Newsletter and hope that the following may be of interest. Most of these pictures came from Russell Burgham and he has had them in his possession for many years. The one of the brewery staff shows Arthur wearing a white mackintosh and carrying a whip!! The one of the grave is, as far as one can see, for a Henry Bergham or Burgham of Redbrook and may have been at Newland or Coleford. This I cannot confirm, but if it was, it certainly is no longer there at Newland. I have walked the length and breadth of that churchyard and although there must be several family members buried there, the poor condition of the gravestones is such that many are indecipherable. I have asked Russell to have another look at the original to see if the date can be deciphered. The June 2004 picture shows Neil Burgham from New Zealand and our two wives looking at the gravestone of Thomas Burgham who owned Redbrook Foundry in Upper Redbrook and who died in 1883. It is also for his wife who died in 1879. As far as Eliza Watkins is concerned there is an entry in Family Search showing her marrying a William Burgham at Gloucester St Nicholas, on 28 Feb 1849, also (GRO ref Vol XI page 359). This fits well with the RR tree, in which case this William came from Ruardean. However, and there is so often a but! Family Search shows Oliver Arthur Burgham being born on 15th July 1863 and baptised at Newland on 2 Feb 1866. and the parents are Henry Burgham & Eliza instead of William. A few minutes in the Gloucester R.O may help to confirm or confound this by checking the 1861 census. Eliza was a widow by 1881. The 1871 census might also narrow the gap to show if her husband had died before that date. A Henry Burgham aged 42 has his death registered at Monmouth 1869 3rd quarter Vol 11a p 16. which gives an approximate birth date of 1827 and there was a Henry Burgum baptised at Newland on 30 Apr 1827. I imagine, but cannot confirm for certain that this was the son of Thomas and Esther Burgham of Redbrook. Henry is in the 1851 census as a Moulder and still living with his parents, presumably working for his father. More speculation! The only Henry discovered so far as marrying at this time was at Newent 2nd quarter 1859 6a 404. Is it possible that the Eliza at Redbrook may not Eliza Watkins?"

14th December 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham to Susan Grant - "Doug has given me your email address in case I can help in any way about JTR Burgham. I have spoken with Russell this morning and he hopes to be able to send you some more information after Christmas. He and his wife are in their mid eighties and she has not been very well. From the Burgham side I can tell you that JTR's father was Joseph Avery Burgham who was born at Feckenham, Worcestershire and his mother was Maria Carpenter. They were married at Feckenham church 29th May 1824. JTR was baptised at Feckenham on 30th May 1827. Russell has plenty of information about the Merritts and it is best for him to reply direct. He also has some pictures of Auckland in the 1860's. What I do not know is who was the Elizabeth Burgham who left JTR some money? Any ideas?"

12th December 2004.
E-mail from Wilson Vieira Ferreira Lopes, S„o Paulo, Brazil (AA Family Tree) My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Burgum, was born in Bristol, on 29 February 1856. Her parents were Henry and Hanna Burgum. She married my great-grandfather, Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira, an engineer, and a historic abolitionist and republican, in Brazil on 24 September 1882. He had a degree in engineering from ĎEscola Politťcnica do Rio de Janeiroí and was a second lieutenant engineer in the Brazilian Army. He also received a doctorís degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Emperor D. Pedro II. From that union, my grandfather Dr. Israel Vieira Ferreira was born on 04 September 1883, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He was the coupleís only child, and he, too, got a degree in Engineering and was a lieutenant colonel in the Brazilian Army. I learned from my grandfatherís notes that Henry Burgum, my great-great-grandfather was hired by the Brazilian Imperial Government to help with the construction of battleships at the Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal, a shipyard which belonged to the Brazilian Navy. Apparently some of his sons were also hired as engineers or technicians to do the same job. Itís worth noting that at the time there were no specialists in modern shipbuilding (battleships and steamboats), therefore the need for foreign technicians, British and from other countries, to work at the aforementioned Navy Arsenal. The book ďA Histůria do Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de JaneiroĒ (The History of the Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal), published by the Brazilian Navy Records Service, reports that Henry Burgum (probably my great-great-grandfather) was an engineering officer - sort of a steam engine specialist. I actually have the book. It is an old book, but if I can get another issue Iíll send it to you. Back to the family, apparently one of my great-great- grandfatherís sons was also named Henry Burgum, and probably went back to England. These facts might help with the conclusion of the article "Henry and the Warrior". Itíd be nice to check, if possible, whether more than one branch of the Burgum family actually came to Brazil. My great-great-grandfather, Henry Burgum, arrived in Brazil around 1860 (more precisely between 1862 and 1863). Considering my great-grandmother was born in 1856, she was a little girl - 6 or 7 years old - when she got here (at least thatís my guess). From my grandfatherís records, I learned that Henry and Hanna Burgum died in Rio de Janeiro, which means they didnít return to England Ė at least not for good. Could they have gone back there for a visit? I really canít determine that, but I guess itís highly unlikely. One thing is for sure, the Burgum family has remained in Rio de Janeiro. I could find two dentists and an advertiser in the phone book and on Internet. I havenít met them yet, but I intend to get in touch with that family branch, so I can get to know more about them. My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Burgum took up her husbandís name Ė Elizabeth Burgum Ferreira Ė and was also known as Isabel Vieira Ferreira, and got recognition as a teacher - thereís a school named Professora Isabel Vieira Ferreira in the city of S„o Paulo, and a street with her name in Rio de Janeiro. My grandfather tells us she was a kind, warm-hearted person and a dedicated mother, being highly respected by those who knew her.
A few additional notes: 1) For your information, the Ferreiras are of Portuguese origin, and played an important role in the Portuguese War of Independence, circa 1100. That granted them a title of nobility awarded by the Portuguese crown.
2) Later, someone in the family married a descendent of the Drummond family (Scottish nobles from the side of Queen Annabela, married to King Robert III of Scotland, and mother of King James I of Scotland)
3) From that Scottish family stemmed the Stuart dynasty in England. Of course this is something you must know much better than I do, so I apologise for any historical inaccuracy.
4) Finally, I am an avid reader of aviation and defence magazines and books. I actually have more than 1,000 titles, mostly Brazilian, but also some international ones. My main interest is the World War II. I hope this information is somehow useful to you.
Regards - Wilson

27th November 2004.
E-mail from Deborah Robertson - "There is a small note in letters from my Grandmotherís sister that suggests a connection to the Burgum family. My Grandmotherís Aunt Harriet Bartholomew is said to have married a Harry Burgum and together they had a daughter, Emily Burgum. Harriet is said to have died before 1881. Harriet was probably born between her parentsí marriage in 1843 and the birth of the first documented child, 1852. She is said to be the eldest sister. I have not found her with the family on any census yet. I have not found her marriage nor been able to find the birth of their daughter. The Bartholomew family lived in the area of Fareham and Portsmouth, Hampshire, most of the time. It is said that some time after the marriage in 1843, the family moved to London where father, James worked on the docks. In 1871, 1881, and 1891 James and family are found in or near Fareham. That is all I have. Do you have any idea where these individuals might fit in?"

12th November 2004.
E-mail from Cath Spychal, Halesowen, England - "I have been dabbling into my family tree when the surname "Burgham' popped up. My great grandmother was mary elizabeth burgham, born in 1874, in Jarrow. She appears to have had two fathers: Henry Burgham, born 1854 in Bilston Staffordshire (1881 census) and William Burgham aged 57 in 1901, born in Hatfield, Staffordshire (1901 census). Whilst I sort out these oddities I was wondering if you have any other information regarding this family tree?"

12th November 2004.
E-mail from Nick Phillips, Vancouver, Canada - "My great-grandmother and her sister were in service to the Burghams of Newland and Redbrook, who owned and ran the Redbrook Brewery. My great-grandmother, Annie Simmonds, worked in the house of Arthur Burgham, and her sister, Bertha, worked in the house of Eliza Burgham, Arthur's mother and the apparent matriarch and brewmaster. This would have been between 1890 and 1900. As near as I can tell, Eliza was born a Watkins - I think she is in your GG family tree. Interestingly, Annie and Bertha's mother, Sarah Ann, was also born a Watkins. Who knows, perhaps they were related. I will have to see what I can find out. In the meantime, it has been very interesting making this connection and reading your site. If you know anything about the Redbrook Brewery and that branch of your family, I'd love to hear from you."

12th November 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) -
"Source: [email protected]
Subject: Bolton Strays 1871 - Derbyshire
Name Age in 1871 Birthplace Relationship Civil Parish County/Island
James Burgum 29 Bolton Le Sands, Lancashire, England Head Litchurch Derbyshire."

27th October 2004.
E-mail from Elaine Bloem, Pencaitland, East Lothian (DD Family Tree) - "Hello and what a great job you've done of the site! I'm Elaine Jennifer Bloem (nee Charles) and I'm the grand-daughter of Vera Cissie Mary Anthony (nee Burgum) (DD family line). I may have more information for you on this line of the family tree. I would be very interested in knowing if you have heard from Robert Burgum - I believe he's my uncle and he knows a great deal about this line."

26th October 2004.
E-mail from Dave Tuffley, Forest of Dean Local History Society - "March 25. To Do. at the Cock Publick House near Blakeney on the Body of Thomas Burgam, Collier @ Horse driver, (Late of the Forest of Dean near Hopkins's Lodge and next against the side of Blakeney hill) found Dead in the Forrest of Dean near a place called Sleepers hill between Little Dean and Blakeney abt 2 o'clock of the afternoon of the 22d Inst. Virdict Sudden Death by Visitn of God. He had upwards of £14 in Bills & Cash in his Pockets when found. 8 ms Margin note. Ommitted vide Entry 27th March. [see next page] 01.06.1800. This was found in the notes of Coroner Wm Joynes."

17th October 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Henry County (Tennessee) Wills, Volume 6 1841-1845. Bedford Pierce owed a note to and John Pierce was a buyer at the estate of R. S. Burgham. May 5 1845. I tried to find R. S. Burgham in the 1840 Tennessee census. Ancestry.com didn't have him indexed, and genealogy.com hasn't indexed 1840 yet. I did scroll through about a third of the listings. The closest I came was a Redding Baucum, 1 m. under 5, 1 m 20-30, 1 f 20-30. May be related to Henderson Baucum, 1 m 20-30. Other names in Henry County which might look like Burgham were Bragdon, Brigendine and Bowden. But I would think that probate records would be more likely to use the correct spelling than was the census."

15th October 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "PML Search Result matching Burgham. Source: [email protected] Subject: Marriage Licence Allegations/Bonds. I am hoping that someone on the list can offer advice on how to find copies of the allegations made in order to obtain a licence to marry. I am looking for the allegations for James YEARSLEY/Ann BURGHAM, married by licence February 28 1775 in the Parish of Newland. Many thanks, Marilyn."

09th October 2004.
E-mail from Hilary Butler - "Re Ruby Maud Burgum b.1902. I came accross your website today whilst trying to trace details of my Grandmothers birth family, & have found her on the DD family tree. My Grandmother was known to me as Gladys Ruby Maud Gaston nee Baker, but on investigation earlier this year I found that she had been adopted as a baby, her birth surname was actually Burgum & that her adoptive parents had changed her name slightly. I have a copy of the private adoption papers signed by William Burgum & Edward Baker in 1903, which led me to William & Annie Burgum plus their five other children in the 1901 census, but have only just started to look further. Ruby Maud married Ernest Robert Gaston on 21 November 1925 at All Saints Church in Gloucester. They had three children:

Robert Allan Gaston (my father)
b. 26 May 1926 Gloucester
m. 4 July 1964 - Judith Mabel Webb
children: Nigel Leslie (b. 20 Feb 1965), Stuart Robert (b. 4 Feb 1967), Hilary Dawn (b. 19 Mar 1969)

Godfrey Ronald Gaston
b. 17 Dec 1928 Gloucester
m. 1954 - Ruth Margaret Lewis
children: David Hugh (b. 23 Feb 1955 d. 30 June 1993), Patricia Elaine (b. 16 July 1956), Paul Malcolm (b. 13 June 1958), Steven Anthony (b. 11 Mar 1960), Helen Anne (b. 17 June 1962)

Gilbert Leslie Gaston
b. 28 Oct 1930
m. date unknown Olive ?
children: Michael, Philip, Jackie, Julie
All of Uncle Les's children were born before 1963, but I do not have exact dates."

I am very interested in finding out more about my Grandmothers family. I notice from the family tree on your website that her mother Anne died the same year she was born, and am wondering whether she died in childbirth or shortly after? This may also explain why she was adopted. Any information in this regard would be most welcome, if you are able to help. Ruby Maud died on 14 Mar 1983, & her son Gilbert Leslie died in the 1970s, but neither my father or Uncle Ron can quite remember which year ... they are both getting on in years & their memories are not quite what they used to be."

25th September 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Part of a posting on a Lancashire list by "Martin Briscoe" who offered to provide more info if he was contacted at the above address. Bolton strays 1871 - Essex. Thomas Burgum, 47, Bolton, Lancashire, England, Head, West Ham, Essex."

29th August 2004.
E-mail from Vikki Launders (nee Burgum), Whitefield, Greater Manchester - "Hi Doug - I know someone contacted my father, Kenneth Samuel Burgum from Bolton sometime ago - is this you?!"

27th August 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Part of a posting on a Lancashire list by "Martin Briscoe"
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Bolton strays in Essex 1871
Thomas Burgum 47 Bolton, Lancashire, England Head West Ham Essex
Thomas Burgum 47 Bolton, Lancashire, England Head West Ham Essex."

20th August 2004.
E-mail from Ian McDonald - "I run an angling boat from Liverpool, England and would like to know how George Burgum is doing. I visited him in Dingle three years on the run and had great fishing holidays with him aboard his boat "Rod and Reel". I heard he went to Portugal but it didn't work out. Is he still angling in Bounemouth?"

20th August 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Are you familiar with a Thomas Burgham (or maybe two separate individuals) born outside of Canada ca. 1848 (35 in 1883) when he landed in Halifax, and was 50 or 51 when he was enumerated in the McDonald District of Manitoba in the 1901 census. More data can be ordered at the inGeneas website: http://www.ingeneas.com/ingeneas/index.html"

03rd August 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "In 1862, Judge Veeder granted a letter of guardianship to Louis Long for: Adelphina Burgham, Emma Burgham, Hyman Burgham and Julie Burgham, as reported in the August 22, 1868 Brooklyn Daily Eagle."

02nd July 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Are you bidding on the 1853 issue of the Illustrated Daily News, which was posted to J. Burgum, Concord, New Hampshire, North America? It is being sold by someone in England. It expires Ends Jul-04-04 11:38:58 PDT , the item number is 5504224391, and the current price is 38 pounds. I am not bidding."

01st July 2004.
E-mail from Marie Newsham - "I have traced my family back from present day to Isaac through church records and census. I picked up Sarah on 1851 census marked as Mother in Law, Wick & Abson. Isaac did not appear and I have since found out that he died in November 1850. All the family back to Isaac seem to have been coal miners living in the Bedminster Down area of Bristol, where there were coal mining pits. Most of the names in the family seem to consist of Henry, William or Isaac and the daughters Sarah, Ann and Mary. I have found Isaac's marriage to a Mary Ann Taylor in St.John's Church, Bedminster in 1827 but there is no mention of a father's name and the witness was a Samuel Taylor who I presume was her father. Most of the sons who carry the Burgum as a middle name are not the first sons born but ones later down the line. I have tried looking in the Bedminster records to see if I can find Isaac's birth but to no avail and am wondering if his father was a coal miner whether he moved to that area for work. I realise I could be going in the wrong direction and it maybe that someone else had the name Burgum on another branch of the family and they just used it but it does seem strange that it has been passed down the generations. The records I have found at Bristol Record Office for Wick & Abson are very bad to read and they only seem to have a few."

25th June 2004.
E-mail from Tony Burgum - "Have a look at this web site www.oxfordancestors.com they test for Maternal and Paternal Ancestry and what Tribes of Britain you are descended from."

23rd June 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "These are some additional births from the GRO index, but may need double-checking.
1851 3/4 Thomas BURGAM W/7 xi 496
1851 4/4 Martha BURGHAM Ross xxvi 223
1851 4/4 Mary BURGHAM Ross xxvi 223
1852 2/4 Esther Burgan Holywell 11b ?300
1852 2/4 Henry Burham (stet) Ross 6 a 399
1852 3/4 Charlotte Kidderminster 6c 189
1853 3/4 William Burgham Monmouth 11a 24
1860 2/4 Lydia Burgham Monmouth 11a 15
1862 2/4 Alice Ada Monmouth 11a 25
1869 1/4 Harry Sheffield 9c 471 (v Henry)
1869 2/4 Edwin John Burgam West Bromwich 6b 697
1869 2/4 Abraham Burghan Redruth 5c 257
1869 3/4 Eleanor Ann Burgham Monmouth 11a 36
Where there is no surname then it is usually because it is BURGUM or, regrettably, that in the haste of the moment I forgot to write it down! The haphazard selection is because I was double checking some specific entries that I'd put into the computer some time back, most from Russell Burgham, which has some fairly unusual names for the Burgums/Burghams. I simply listed all the names that came up on the screen. Of these the two that I found were:
Lewis Thomas Burgham 1859 2/4 Monmouth 11a 89 or 7 (? to Edwin & Ann - Caroline at Redbrook, baptised 8.5.1859)
William Henry Maurice Burgham 1860 2/4 Monmouth 11a 38 (William Henry Maurice Burgham baptised 17.6.1860)
There is also supposed to be an Oliver Higgins Burgham, same family, baptised 16.4.1862, but I did not succeed in tracing the GRO entry. Re the photo of the gravestone, by all means use it. I will try and print out some other ones and post them to you since I haven't learnt how to make them a small enough file size to send by email."

21st June 2004.
E-mail from Ruth Descoteaux - "Re: page 6 John Francis Burgum. He was the the 3rd child of John Fulton Burgum and Cora Estelle Read (my great grandparents). He was married to Christine MacDonald (Ireland). They lived in California for many years and that is where they both died. He was the older brother of Earle Benjamin.
Re: page 7 John Fulton Burgum and Cora Estelle Read had 6 children. I have no record of a Mary Gannell Burgum. Florence Isabella Burgum was my grandmother. I'll check with my mother and aunt to see if they know anything about a Mary Gannell, but I am sure they will confirm that there was no child name Mary. I have many, many photographs of this family and there is no Mary identified on them."

14th June 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Do you subscribe to Ancestry.com? I thought I would try to learn more about Virgil Burgham, about whom I wrote you recently. I never did find him, but I found more Burgham hits via Ancestry.com--census and elsewhere--than I had time to pursue. Here are a couple that I thought you'd find interesting:
The 1930 US census of Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, has an Edwin Burgham, age 40, born in Pennsylvania, both his parents born in England. In the 1930 US census of Parnassus, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, there is a Maurice Burgham, age 29, born in Pennsylvania, father born in England, mother born in Pennsylvania. I'm sure you'd have fun with Ancestry, if you had the time."

13th June 2004.
E-mail from Brian Burgham (WW Family Tree) - "At Aston Ingham there is a grave for Stephen Howells, late of the New House and then it refers to: the remains of Hannah, relict of the above named Stephen Howells and daughter of George Burgum of Withymoor in this parish who died January the 8th 1835 in the 84 th year of her age. This gives a possible birth year of 1751 and therefore an addition to your FF family? I attach a photo and would be glad to know if it comes through clearly, in whuch case I might try some others."

11th June 2004.
E-mail from Mrs Susan Grant, Melbourne, Australia - "Congratulations on your Burgum Family History Society website. I was led to it in my Google search for a Joseph Theodore Russell Burgham. His name appears on your website as having been an executor for the Will of an Elizabeth Burgum who died 4 June 1909. My interest in J T R Burgham is that he is a son of Jane Hannah Holbrook Burgham (nee Merritt), a sister of my great great grandfather, Francis Merritt of London. Jane Burgham's name is engraved on the Merritt family gravestone in Kensal Green Cemetery and yet, according to cemetery records, she is not actually buried there. I know her son was called Joseph Theodore Russell Burgham, because he is a beneficiary in the Will of his aunt, Helen Merritt, a sister of Jane. He is described in that 1888 Will as "now a non-commissioned officer in Her Majesty's Army". In the 1881 British Census I have found a Joseph A. Burgham; head of household; aged 52 (born about 1828-29); widower; born Worcester, England; retired army schoolmaster instructor of physical lessons; and his son - Russell J. Burgham aged 13 (born about 1867-68) at sea; pupil at grammar school scholar; both living at 12 Grainger Street, Newcastle On Tyne, St Nicholas, Northumberland. I have also found on the LDS Family Search Internet Genealogy Service an entry in New Zealand births of a Beatrice Maria Josephine Burgham born Auckland 1 May 1866, whose father was Joseph Avery Burgham and mother Jane Hannah Hobrook. This entry was submitted by a member of the LDS church and there is no source available. I believe Jane Hannah Hobrook are the three christian names of my Merritt relation (Hobrook spelt wrongly). I have found on the "Housekeeping" page of your website, emails from Russell Burgham (dated 26th April 2002, 30th May 2002, & 11th September 2002). I have tried to contact Russell Burgham on his new email address, as given above, some time ago. The email did not bounce, but I have had no reply. So to sum up - I believe I have Burgham cousins out there somewhere and it is very likely that Russell Burgham is one of them. I wonder if Russell Burgham ever did send you a copy of his family tree and I also wonder what was the content of the 15 May 2002 Email he sent you. I would be so grateful if you were able to give me any help or advice in my quest."

08th June 2004.
E-mail from Edith Bartley (FF Family Tree) - "Subject: PML Search Result matching Burgham; Source: [email protected]; Subject: RAY West Point, Ky; "Pioneer Settlers and Related Families at the Mouth of Salt River (West Point, Ky)" by Richard Briggs.
Luke Decker Calvin, Jr. (1845-1920) married Eliza Corrinna Wise (1851-1948). They were married Jan. 20, 1870. Their children were:
1. infant daughter, b&d Oct 20, 1870.
2. Lula B. Calvin, b 1871, d Nov 15, 1953, married Louis HINES. They in turn had 7 children: Lena, Ivan, Verna, Elsie, Gladys, Zelma and Marian.
3. Mary Etta Calvin, b 1873, d 19$6 (?), married T. J. McNULTRY who owned a large farm near Stithton. They had 3 daughters: Ina M. PARDEN; Eula DOYLE and Vina LA FOLLETT.
4. Florence, b 1875, d 1947, married Haynes TARPLEY, son of Jesse and Carrie Haynes Tarpley. They had 1 daughter, Nell.
5. Mary Serelda Clay Calvin, b 1880, d 1939, married a Jack Calvin.
6. Lilie Susan Calvin, 1883-1904.
7. Sarah Elizabeth Calvin, 1885-1910, married John RAY. They had 2 sons, Burt and Calvin Ray.
8. Luke Calvin, 1880-1939), never married.
9. Mary Elizabeth Calvin, a twin to Sarah, married to Milton ATHERTON. They had several children.
10. Maude E. Calvin, married Virgil BURGHAM. She was born in 1887 and lived in Lafayette, Indiana.
11. Lorene Mae Calvin, 1892-1977, married in 1913 Sylvester PIKE. Their children were: Wesley, Ruby and Ruth Pike."

06th June 2004.
E-mail from Gerard (Gerry) Burgum (AA Family Tree) -"My son Stephen b.21/11/1974 married Angela Judith Bhatia on 17th May 2003 in England. Angela is Australian, her parents live in Melbourne. Stephen is emigrating to OZ and they are both to live in Australia permanently. They left England on 3rd June 2004 to spend 3 months travelling around Europe after which they are to travel to India (where Angela has relatives) then on to China, Bangkok, Singapore and then to Melbourne arriving there in time for Christmas this year. After spending Christmas with Angela's parents they intend to travel Australia for about 3 months before finally settling down in Melbourne AND BACK TO WORK!!!! Thank you for what you are doing. I couldn't find my own details in the alphabetical list on the website, but have not got used to the website yet as I have only visited it recently for the first time. Renewed subscription(with a bit extra) on it's way."

19th May 2004.
E-mail from Pam Sheers (HH Family Tree) - "I have purchased Emma Burgum (nee Lee) 2nd marriage certificate from GRO. She married on April 28 1903 to Thomas Wearden who was age 35 years and a bachelor. She is listed as 40 years. His occupation is listed as Overlooker of Cotton Weavers. We had always presumed that her second husband was William Wearden. He is in fact the father of Thomas. I think she must have lied about her age as according to her first marriage in 1879 to William Burgum she was 22 as well as the 1901 census having her the age of 44. This makes her being born circa 1857."

09th May 2004.
E-mail from Simone Citon in reply to my question - "What is Alpe Burgum?" - She replies -"It is also called Alpe Borgone in Italian or Burgumer Alm in German: it is in Valle di Vizze, Trentino Alto Adige, Italia (Pfitchertal, Sudtirol, Italien)."

18th April 2004.
E-mail from Joy Gannell - "This is just a reminder to change my email address in your address book to [email protected] as I am closing off AOL. Isn't our annual fees due for BFHS?"

14th April 2004.
E-mail from Bev Jenkins - "I am researching the vessel and crew as I am the Great Niece of one of the lost crewman, could you please put up my e-mail address on the site, and ask for any info on your chap and the rest of the crew." This information relates to Alfred Edward Septimus Burgham, Stoker, Lt/KX 532059, HM Trawler Cap D'Antifer, Royal Naval Patrol Service, who died on Sunday 13th February 1944. Age 19. He was the son of Alfred and Frances Burgham, of Abertillery, Monmouthshire. Commemorated at the Lowestoft Naval Memorial (Panel 15, column 3), Suffolk, England. If you have any information please e-mail [email protected]

6th April 2004.
E-mail from Joyce and Chris Caithness - "Any idea about this one? I expect you have sussed him out." (Information on John Burgum, the artist).

6th April 2004.
E-mail from Jon Gould - "Doug, I have the will from around 1870 of one William Webb the Elder, a yeoman farmer from the village of Pensnett in Staffordshire, UK. In it he leaves property to his second wife, Mrs Ann Burgham. Can you tell me how I can cross check your indexes to see if a Webb marriage occurs please, or perhaps for any occurrences of an Ann Burgham being widowed originally? Thanks for any pointers you can give me."
My reply - "Jon, Ann Burgum married William Webb at Thomas Dudley, Worcs, 13th December 1864. She was previously married to John Burgum of Bilston, near Birmingham. Her maiden name was Woodall. She is part of the "WW" family tree. (Different sections of my family tree are referenced AA, BB, etc).
Jon's reply to me "Doug, this is pure gold-dust thanks! It is rare that an enquiry hits the target first time.